Review of the Philips Soupmaker + Giveaway + Recipe for Tomato-Red Bell Pepper Soup

Philips soupmaker review India

When I first heard of the SoupMaker from the Philips team, it got me all curious. A machine where you can just put in all the ingredients, it's cooked into a soup,wow! You get to choose whether you want the soup to be blended or chunky, and it also keeps the soup warm. The principles seem simple enough and something that simplifies our cooking process to a great extent. Whether it is their water purifier, AirFryer, I have personally experienced simple principles put into play in a sleek looking gadget. 

Philips soupmaker review India

It is like a kettle which cooks your soup ingredients. The fitted lid comes with a blade that is helpful to blend the soup to a creamy texture (if needed). The body of the soupmaker is like a thermos that will keep the soup warm for 40 minutes. The detachable cord helps take the elegant looking kettle to the table and pour straight out of it, as it has a convenient spout. 

The interface is so ridiculously simple that one might get stumped how to use it (!!) because you are expecting something more complex.
The panel comes with a start/stop button and a function selecting button. Each time you press the button, it moves on to the next function and once your desired function is selected, all you do is press the start button and allow the soupmaker to go about its business.

Philips soupmaker review India

Why 5 functions for soup, you may wonder! 
The first and second functions are for creamy and chunky soups respectively. The creamy soup function uses the blender in the end to give the soup a smooth consistency. 
The third option is for making compote. This is great for converting seasonal fruits into compotes for going on top of toast or desserts. 
The fourth option is for smoothies. So if your health conscious lifestyle demands a soup for dinner, you can have a smoothie for breakfast. Just throw in all the ingredients and hit this function, pour into your glass and you're set! I have a feeling this will be great for lassis, frozen yogurts and even churning ice creams / kulfis.
The last function is the manual blender function. If you feel you want to blend your creamy soup further or blend just about anything, you can select this function and use the start button to blend for as long as you keep it pressed. And blending stops as soon as you release this button.

Philips soupmaker review India

-I make soups very often and my usual way would be to lightly saute all ingredients directly in my smallest pressure cooker- wait for the stuff to cook, the cooker to cool, then blend them to a puree and bring back to a simmer with the rest of the ingredients. While it is quite effortless, there is a bit of monitoring and waiting around involved. With the soupmaker, there's no need to hang around. Select the function and come back to it just when you need to pour yourself a mug or bowl of soup. 
-The soupmaker is quite a multitasker, if I go by the recipes given in the recipe book -all manner of soups, smoothies, frozen yogurts, compotes etc. 
-It is reasonably compact, fitting easily in a small space on your kitchen counter. It's better kept in a handy location, so that you'll be inspired to make soups everyday, that's the whole point of this gadget - a healthier lifestyle, right?
-The soupmaker makes 4 servings or 2 large servings if you are having the soup as a meal. 
- It makes soups with no addition of fat whatsoever. You can always garnish with some extra virgin olive oil, but those who are counting their calories, this is a blessing. (I don't personally advocate oil-free eating though, just saying :)
- It is easy to clean thanks to a steel jar with straight sides. I added tap water, a drop of liquid soap and used the manual blending function to get it clean in a jiffy.

A word of caution: The soupmaker body gets very hot while it is in use, so use only the handles on the side and on the top to open / handle the gadget while it is in use or when the soup is ready. It does have a 'hot' caution sign as you can see in the photo of the panel above. 
I was wondering if the hot liquid will splash out during the blending process, like it usually does in a blender and I was relieved to note that there were no such accidents. 


Given how it works, the soupmaker can be a great gadget for baby food and weaning foods. New mums have a dozen demands on their time. Some organic vegetables, herbs, lentils and grains put into the soup maker with stock - can be left on chunky mode for the mum, and the soup/meal topped with some spicy seasonings such as black pepper or a tadka and the remaining 'soup' can be blended and given as babyfood. Surely healthier than what comes out of a bottle and with a bare minimum effort.

Steaming inside a closed container helps retain the nutrients and since you don't discard any of the liquid in which the veggies / meat has been cooked, you get the full nutritional advantage from your soup. 

A soup is a low calorie, high fiber, high nutrition substitute to a full meal and I'm talking about soups without cream, cheese or any such high fat/calorie ingredients. Replacing dinner with a soup each evening can help cut down considerable calories and thereby aid weight loss, in a healthy way, without compromising on the nutrition.

The only improvements I could imagine in this gadget are proper labeling of the panel- such as Smooth, Chunky, Smoothie etc., instead of just a graphic representation so it is easier for new users. An electronic timer that shows the time remaining would have been a useful feature.

I shall update this review soon with the other functions such as Compote and Smoothie, once I have tried them. 

Kitchen gadgets such as these are inspiring. I have been thinking of all the things I can try in this one - a mix of fresh ingredients, seasonal greens and veggies and there are literally tons of combinations you can come up with. 
Since I had just made a batch of Vegetable Stock that morning, I promptly tried a chunky soup (which I shall share a recipe soon) and today for lunch I made a tomato and red-bell pepper soup and to go with that multigrain bread rolls. 

It's super convenient and almost magical, how I simply poured the stock into the soupmaker, the roughly chopped veggies, switched it on and came back to beautiful aromas wafting around the kitchen.

Philips soupmaker review India
Tomato-Red Bell Pepper Soup 

Recipe for Tomato-Bell Pepper soup in Philips Soupmaker
Serves 3-4
Prep time: 5 minutes, Cooking time: 25 minutes

5 medium tomatoes
1/2 large red bell pepper
3 fat cloves garlic, peeled
1 medium onion, peeled
600 ml of unsalted vegetable stock or use water +stock cube  
1 tsp salt
2 tsp oat flour + 3 tbsp water
To garnish
Basil leaves
Mustard flowers
Single Cream

Quarter the tomatoes. Chop the bell pepper into 2 cm squares (small dice). Slice the onions and finely chop the garlic.
Add all of this along with the stock into the soupmaker. Close the lid properly.
Switch on the power and select the first function (creamy soup). Press the start button.
This will take 25 minutes in all.
Once it's done, add the salt, oat flour + water slurry, and close the soupmaker, select the 'Chunky soup' option. In two minutes, this would have come to a boil, at this point use the Manual Blender option to ensure the oats has mixed into the smooth to give a creamy texture. 
Pour into bowls, garnish and serve with your favourite bread rolls. 

You can check out the Philips Soupmaker on 
The Giveaway
Philips has been kind to gift one of their rice cookers to a reader / subscriber of Saffron Trail blog. Here are the details.

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I was sent the Philips Soupmaker for a review on my blog, from Philips. I have shared my unbiased opinion and experience. 
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