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Few of my readers from abroad wrote in to ask what foodie-gifts can they gift their family back in India-what's hot and what's not kinda information. Every holiday season I love to do a compilation, and most times I do end up compiling a list :) So here's my list on fun and useful gifts for a kitchen-proud person, or someone who loves to cook. I for sure, would be a happy camper to receive any of these. They are not really Christmas specific, but quite right for any occasion. These things are quite trendy in India right now, and if I were not on a clutter reducing spree, I'd buy every one of them (the ones I don't have already, that is).

Herb seeds - Kitchen gardening

Kitchen Gardening is quite the in-thing these days and everyone with a little sunny spot on a window sill wants to grow something. For people who love to cook, there’s nothing as useful as herbs growing in pots in the kitchen window sill. How wonderful to be able to stretch out, and pluck a few herbs to do a fresh garnish over food! Fresh herbs elevate the flavour of food hugely and as someone who uses them regularly, I can vouch for that! This set of herb seeds makes a lovely gift for a garden proud person or even someone who is a newbie gardener, for they can easily sow them in pots with minimum help from a local nursery.

foodie gifts
Bakeware set

One can never have enough loaf tins or baking sheets. This 3 piece set from Alda that I use extensively, is something every home baker will appreciate. It’s regular stuff, alright, but something that can be used on a day to day basis. Not something that will stay stacked away in the attic only to be give away later! For the no-nonsense practical person who loves to bake, this one will make an apt gift.

foodie gifts
Oil Mister - Foodie gifts

An oil mister is a super tool when you want to cook / grill with just a spray of oil. What’s more, you can flavour the oil as per your liking. Garlic, herbs, chillies, you name it, you can get a spray of your favourite flavour of infused oil. The Mastrad oil mister is a trusted brand, and its less than 5 calories per spray!

foodie gifts
Stainless Steel cookware - Foodie Gifts 

Heavy duty stainless-steel pans are the best to cook in. Not only do they look very professional, it is safe as there is no risk of any non-stick coating chemicals leaching into your food. They also look good enough to serve on the table. This 3.3L Wellberg Turbo Cook Frypan is perfect for making curries, stews, soups. 

foodie gifts
Handheld Milk Frother

If you follow my blog, or have attended my workshop, you will know that the handheld milk frother is my favourite little appliance. To froth the milk for your coffee, or to blend dressings in seconds to a thick creamy consistency, or to beat 1-2 eggs, it is just perfect. You may need to buy a couple, one for coffee and one for other purposes  Please remember this is a delicate appliance, used to froth a single cup of milk, or a small portion or dressing or one egg. It's not a substitute for a hand blender (like the disappointed comments on Amazon indicate) :)

foodie gifts
Air Fryer

Air Fryer is a fabulous gift for yourself or a loved one, who love their fried nibbles but are making an attempt to lead a healthier life. The fries do turn out unbelievable and it is, to put it straight, a mini oven on steroids, so you can even bake the pizzas, cakes and muffins in a jiffy. Do read my detailed review on the Philips Air Fryer.

Whistling Kettle
This teal whistling tea kettle is the stuff tea-times are made of. It’s a no-brainer to gift this to a tea-loving friend or relative. An array of loose leaf teas or tea bags, a tea pot, slices of sandwiches and tea cakes, how I would love to attend such a tea-party!

I have an exhaustive Chettinad cookbook, written by a family friend. I must say it is one of the most flavourful cuisines from the South of India, and so much more to offer than just Chicken Chettinad. Surprise someone who loves to cook ethnic Indian cuisine with this book, The Bangala Table. I have only heard good things about this book, from anyone who has bought a copy. 

The newest cookbook from superchef Yotam Ottolenghi’s stable, Plenty More, is something I can’t wait to lay my hands on. His unique way of playing with vegetables and simple style of cooking is appealing to both new and experienced cooks and a gift that will be much appreciated. 

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