20 December 2012

How to make yogurt in winters?

You need
1/2 litre milk (previously boiled is ideal)
Few small pots / cups (4-5)
1 heaped teaspoon of yogurt with live cultures

  • Warm the milk to a temperature where you can keep your little finger immersed in milk for 10 seconds - this will be considerably warmer than room temperature but one which is easily tolerable by your (clean) little finger.
  • Add the yogurt to this pan of milk and with a hand whisk, whisk well till combined and frothy.
  • Pour into small cups / containers and keep covered in a warm place like an oven or microwave for 6 hours. You could also set in small sized casseroles or kiddie hot-pack lunch boxes. 

Top 5 tips to make yogurt at home in winters
  1. Make sure the milk is reasonably warm.
  2. Set in smaller cups as this sets quicker than one large pot of yogurt.
  3. You could place the cups in a tray filled with warm water so the setting process starts off quickly.
  4. Adding a piece of green chilli to each cup also helps set the yogurt better. Don't worry, it wont make the yogurt spicy.
  5. Keep in a draught free place like the oven or the microwave. Don't turn on the oven by mistake though!


Sowmya Chandrasekaran said...

very cute and colorful pots!!! thanks for the tips!!

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krishna said...

I think I've to try it again. Till date I'm unable to make yogurt at home. :(

Reva said...

A very useful post indeed..:)

Veer said...

Hi Nandita,

I found a neat trick to make really good yoghurt. Warm Milk + yoghurt, keep it in the Oven and turn the oven light on. The oven light keeps the yoghurt warm. If you touch the pan after a few hours or a day or two, you will feel the pan and the yoghurt to be warm. Warm yoghurt is a joy to eat in cold weather. Couple of days in the oven with light on and it tastes just like back home.

Also, I was told that, you should not transfer the milk from the container in which you heat it. Yoghurt should be made in the same container. Didn't experiment as it works well this way, anyway.



Joseph Carr said...

I didn’t know that making your own yogurt can be this easy. Having warm yogurt with good bread and cheese will definitely be a good way to start the day.

Joseph Carr

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