Look Ma, I'm on a food show!

I have a fun announcement to share today. In October, I was contacted by Small Screen  (the same wonderful guys behind the insanely popular show Highway on My Plate) if I would like to co-host the Bangalore episode of Twist of Taste, now into its second season. This is a food show by Michelin starred chef  from UK, Vineet Bhatia.

While the offer excited me, I was petrified to be sharing screen space with such a renowned chef and of course, that bit about facing the camera for national television. Well, I did bite the bullet, went ahead for the shoot and my fears were all shot down, one by one. Partner at Small Screen, Prashant Sareen and director of the show, was there personally to guide me and calm my nerves. 

There was NO MAKE UP involved, can you beat that?! I was all the time fearing that there would be so much pancake make up on my face that I wouldn't even be able to smile in my maiden telly appearance. There were no dialogues handed out to me, I was free to converse anything I wanted, with the chef. 

Coming to Chef Bhatia, he is probably one of the most humble people I have met. He made me feel totally at home, over many tumblers of filter coffee and then over a few glasses of beer, discussing food and tasting food all the time. Now, I've quite changed my opinion about chefs.

We shot over two days covering the hot spots and old institutions in Bangalore, and at a break neck speed, because the first day, we managed to get only 3 hours in the evening, thanks to a Karnataka Bandh. The entire crew at Small Screen were most caring about a newbie facing the camera. It was wonderful working with everybody on this show!

I would love for my readers to catch my first foodie appearance. Here are the details:

Twist of Taste - Bangalore Episode
Fox Traveller Channel
9pm - Dec 2, 2012, Sunday

Fox Traveller is available on the following DTH networks:
Tata Sky - Channel 553
Hathway Cable - Channel 470
Airtel TV - Channel 342
Dish TV - Channe 647
Videocon DTH - Channel 605
Sun Direct - Channel 547

And if you miss it, this is the schedule for the repeat episode.
Wednesday 930 pm
Thursday 430pm
Friday 730pm
Saturday 830 am
Saturday 1030 am

And for those of you with no access to cable, I'm sure there will be a YouTube link I can share with you later.

*waiting for Sunday with nervous anticipation*


Swati Raman Garg said...

this is one awesome thing, iam bad at remembering show timings, have set a reminder to go and record right away!

arundati said...

congratulations! how awesome is this nan! so proud of you.... will set a reminder now...

Sowmya Chandrasekaran said...

congratulations - it is a big milestone to step on!!! Have fun and goodluck!!


Ongoing Event - CWF - Whole Wheat Flour

Ongoing Event - Let's Party - Eggless Bakes and Treats

Revati said...

How fun!! Big congratulations and much love..

:O :P :) ;) :l said...

Wow, congratulations! Waiting for Sunday now :)

Srivalli said...

That's awesome news Nandita, so proud of you!..If I am unable to watch on tele, do link up the video online..would love to watch it..All the best and congrats!

Laxmi Lobo said...

Congratulations. Will watch it

Shreya said...

Congratulations, Nandita! Will watch it for sure.

chinmayie @ love food eat said...

Congratulations Nandita! I have no access to cable TV so I can't wait to catch it on youtube :)

Naam mein kya hai? said...

So proud of you :)

Altoid said...

Watched it, loved it more so because it was about my hometown Bangalore and that I live about 5 mins from Vidyarthi Bhavan. It is always great to see one's adda featured on the small screen.

Atul said...

Congrats...just watched you and searched for your blog...GREAT work!! All the best.
- Atul(Pune)

Ravi Bramhapuram said...

Watched on 8-Dec-2012. Nice to showcase the Old Bangalore favourites - Vidyarthi Bhavan and New Krishna Bhavan. Were any other places covered?

Sudha Sundareswaran said...

saw u on the show and landed on the blog...loved it...congratulations

Renuka said...

Watched this episode! Really nice..

deepa rao said...

just saw the episode, i am a big fan of twist of taste but this particular one left me sorely dissapointed :( im a staunch bangalorean proud of namma benne masala dose and bisi bele bath. When i saw vidyarthi bhavan on the itenary i was really looking forward to vineet cooking up some masala dosa inspired dish. i cudnt believe u guys walked out of the most famous masala dosa outlet in bangalore without tasting one! still hopeful, i was expecting MTR or iyengar bakery (palya bun/masala toast/puff)... in short the very essence of bangalore. Something 'biere club' is definitely not... i cudnt believe my eyes when vineet made beer crusted prawns, how exactly is that an ode to bangalore?! I hope you dont take offence, i am definitely not blaming you... just voicing my opinion since u were the guide for that episode

srikanth srinivasan said...

late arrival here :-) is there a youtube link to this episode? would love to watch it

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