1 March 2012

Nominated for the Best Healthy Cooking Blog - Homies 2012

This is one of the rare occasions in the last six years that I've been blogging, I'm kicked enough to do some self-promotion and ask you to vote for me as the Best Healthy Cooking Blog in the Homies 2012 awards conducted by thekitchn.com - This is the first time they have a Healthy Cooking Blog category in their awards and I'm happy that my blog fits the bill quite neatly.

The voting process is a little tedious, you need to log in with your twitter or facebook id over here
and then go to the nominations page here for Healthy Cooking Blogs, search for 'Saffron Trail' and vote for me.

This is the first round of voting for nominations which is open until March 1 (midnight EST) after which the top six contenders will be open to votes once again.

Looking forward to your support!

Once again - the links

To log in - http://community.apartmenttherapy.com/sign_in

The voting page - http://www.thekitchn.com/best-healthy-cooking-blog-nominations-the-homies-2012-166622

Thanks a lot!


Kamini said...

Congratulations! Unfortunately (in this instance) I am on neither Twitter nor Facebook. Is there any other way that I can vote?

Srimathi said...

Nice, I like your blog. All the best, will check out the link.

Nandita said...

@Kamini - You then need to register to apartment therapy website (sign up) so you can cast a vote. Sorry but it is kinda roundabout. Would really appreciate your effort.

@srimathi - thanks

Jayashree said...

Congratulations. Will vote for you.

Kamini said...

Will do, Nandita. It is worth any effort!