Homies 2012 Finalist in Best Healthy Food Blog- Need your Votes

Thank you for responding to my appeal on my blog, FB page, Twitter and Facebook. Despite getting nominated with 2 days to spare, I made it into the final round of voting.

I need all your support (and votes) to win this. The voting process is a little cumbersome if you dont have an apartment therapy website log-in. So here's taking you through the process:

First, click here and go to the voting page for the Healthy Cooking Blog finalists.

If you already voted for me in the previous round, use that same Twitter/Facebook id to directly sign in and vote - using the 'SIGN IN' link on the page.

If you don't have an existing sign in, then you have to register by clicking the 'Register' link.

Register your email id and password as shown below

Get back to the voting page link  and click Sign in with your mail id and password

Now you can vote for me...

It isn't as complicated as it seems, just register, sign back into the voting page and vote for me.

A big thank you, to my friend Punita for helping me with the screenshots!


Anyclean said...

I find your blog very informative for the people who want to cook healthy. It also has great links for healthy living.

Personal Training Sessions said...

Hmm healthy food is very good for the best health we must take light and fresh over the whole day long which is really important for the best fitness....

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