26 December 2010

The Shopping Guide to Cooking & Baking in Hyderabad

Updated: 3rd Jan 2010

This is a useful list for foodies who are new to Hyderabad, like I was a year ago. Whether you are relocating from abroad or from another city in India, you may want to know where certain ingredients, equipment will be available, so you feel at home immediately. Most of the stores I have listed are the ones close to where I live and hence visited frequently. If you have been living here for longer than I have, and have your own little secret places where you find lesser known ingredients or stuff that is not easily found elsewhere, please be kind enough to leave a comment, so it will benefit the others.

I will keep updating this list as and when I find something new to share, so please bookmark this if you are a foodie in Hyderabad.

Vegetables and Fruits 
Fennel, mushrooms, dried mushrooms, fresh herbs, red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini etc.
SPAR- Begumpet
Hypercity - Inorbit Mall
Ratnadeep - Srinagar Colony / Madhapur (Somewhat expensive compared to others but good quality)
Tarkari for fresh exotic vegetable and fresh herbs

Athira reports that as of now QMart on Road 2, Banjara Hills is selling frozen blueberries and  raspberries.

Organic Groceries, spices, food products
24 Letter Mantra -  Reliance Manor, R.No. 12, Banjara Hills
Phone: 040 23300404
Fabindia Outlets

Seeds for Chillies and some other seasonal vegetables available at Spar, Begumpet

Homemade noodles and soy sauce
They make these fresh in their house and sell noodles by the kilo - minimum 1/2 kg
They supply to many local Chinese restaurants, the taste of freshly made noodles is something else. If you are in the vicinity, you must pick up a batch.
Moifa Chinese Ladies Parlour

8-2-326/a Road No. 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Phone: 040-23540583

Local Green Leafy Vegetables
They are freshest at your neighbourhood cart vendor

Fresh Herbs
Basil, Thyme and Rosemary, good quality almost always available at Spar, Begumpet
Those of you looking to grow Thai Basil / Basil at home, you can find saplings at Namdhari Fresh, Bangalore and they are quite light to lug along in your hand baggage.
Fresh Lemongrass - Spar or Ruci Idoni. If you happen to find some with root-hairs, pick those up and keep in a glass jar filled with water for a week or so, until the roots start growing, after which if you stick them in good soil, they will keep growing without much trouble. Perfect to cut small bits for your tea or Thai curries
Organic dried lemongrass (big pack) is available for Rs.50 at Namdhari Fresh, Bangalore and these stay for a long time. Next time you are in Bglr, get a pack and it will keep you company for a few months.
Dried Herbs - Fabindia outlets / Keya brand of spices available in most supermarkets

Almost every imported food item/ ingredient
Q Mart - Road no.2, Banjara Hills, near Thai Express - but be prepared to shell out the big bucks
Ruci & Idoni, Road no.10, Opposite Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills

Special spices like Sweet Paprika, Fleur de sel and such - Waitrose shelf of Hypercity (Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad)

The softest and best looking ones with fruits / vegetables on them (Made in Italy, I think) are sometimes available at the Little League / Ole store on Road no.3, Banjara Hills for Rs.100 a piece. Perfect gift for a foodie-friend.

Baking Equipment, Cooking Chocolate, Chocolate Chips, Moulds, Pans, Parchment Paper, Muffin liners, Fancy paper, Paper bags etc.
Adilaxmi Enterprises, Road 12, Banjara Hills, Next to Familia Hospital, Phone- 040 66633608
Sri Venkateswara Agencies, Near Jagannath Swami Temple, General Bazaar, Secundrabad, Phone- 040 66483608/ 66573608
Both these stores are sister concerns and between them, cover almost everything you would need for baking, chocolate making and cake decoration in Hyderabad

Good looking food storage jars in glass and good quality plastic / Steel and also stainless steel pans for cooking
Home Store (Lifestyle group store)
Reliance Living (Road 12 Banjara Hills / Begumpet)
Marks and Spencer (M&S), Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad

If you are relocating to Hyderabad from abroad, you may want to get back select few things which may not be freely available here, or cost a bomb.
If you have kind readers / relatives or friends coming from US/UK/other 'foreign' countries, who want to get you some foodie stuff, here are some of the useful things you can ask for:

  • Pure Almond extract / Pure Vanilla Extract
  • Seeds of herbs like basil, spearmint, oregano etc. that you can grow at home
  • Wilton's baking tins (mention your oven size clearly when you ask for this)
  • Small sized cast iron pans, perfect for baking that cornbread or little cake apart from making eggs, roasting spices etc.
  • Dried berries such as cranberries, blueberries, cherries
  • Tins of Chipotle Chillies in Adobo Sauce (if you love Mexican food)
  • Sliced raw almonds
  • Cute muffin tin liners (though you get them at the above mentioned stores)
  • Pecans, Macademia and Brazil Nuts
  • Good quality instant yeast
  • Gelatin leaves
  • Spice mixes such as Ras el Hanout or Creole Seasoning
  • Cacao Nibs
  • Microplane (for grating zest from lemons, oranges) and Silpat recommended by Simran
  • Tahini, Zataar, Sumac from the Middle Eastern Countries
  • Nifty shredding peelers, dried mushrooms, Hot Basil sauce, other cooking sauces, Rice paper sheets for the Vietnamese rolls, Glass noodles etc. from SE Asian Countries


Uz said...

nandita! Thanks alot! I was waiting for this! BTW could u please tell me where can I get hummus in Hyd?

Simran said...

Great list! Another thing I had to tell friends to bring back from US was a microplane - can't survive without that one. And Silpat!

Nandita said...

Uz - I always make hummus at home, as I haven't seen any sold bottled in the supermarkets. You could order a batch from 4 Seasons Restaurant (located next to Google Office, Hitech city / tolichowki/inorbit mall foodcourt)
I have a recipe in the blog, do check it out. Very easy to make.

Simran - I have added the two in the list, giving credits to you :)

Priya Sreeram said...

this is indeed a gem - i am not in hyderbad but i have a few of my friends who always chat about where to find what in the city ! so will pass this on !! thanks for sharing

PJ said...

Hi Nandita..I have been a silent visitor till now but this post made me talk ;).Such a lot of information is a real treasure to foodies.Though I am not in Hyd,I think this post is very,very useful.I am relocating to India from China and your list on things to bring back has made me write a whole new list to shop.Thanks for sharing :)

Siri said...

I love this post. We have been having some plans to move back to India next year and this post makes me feel so much better. Thanks Nandita.


Hope all is well with you and Happy Holidays.


Athira said...

Hi Nandita, great work compiling all this! I'm from Hyderabad too, and I've looked at all the big places for parchment paper. Now I know where to get it, thanks to you :) Thought you'd like to know - Qmart has frozen raspberries and blueberries now! A little pricey, but they're yum. Do you know where I can get a nice set of kitchen scales?

Nandita said...

Priya - Glad you found this useful.

PJ - China to India! wow, you could really stock up on the sauces, dried mushrooms, spice powders, variety of noodles, rice paper and so much more!

Hey Siri, That is some news! And you know when i returned to the motherland after just one year in US, i was most depressed about the grocery shopping I'd miss out on.

Athira - Kitchen Scales I think I've seen in Hypercity and lot of these online shopping sites too. Thanks for the frozen berry update, will add to the post.

Nandita said...

Athira - Kitchen Scales sold online - on rediff - http://shopping.rediff.com/product/kitchen-scales

Athira said...

Thanks, Nandita!

Karishma said...

Oh, how I miss Hyderabad...more now after reading your post...recently moved to B'lore after 3 years in Hyderabad and I'm still suffering from withdrawal symptoms...sigh...went to the baking supplies store in General bazaar one last time before I left and that's when the proprietor told me they had opened an outlet in Banjara Hills..unfortunately didn't save the pamphlet he gave me 'cos I figured I won't be visiting again...but thought it might be of interest to you to check it out next time!

Rani acharyulu said...

hi nandita
good day,
such a refreshing shopping guide. Thank you for sharing. I like to invite to visit my blog and give me your comments. thank you

sumitra said...

This post is simply awesome! Thanks for the great info.

dwaipayan said...

i'm visiting hyderabad after 2 weeks.. if i come back broke.. it'll be totally for you... I would love to check out these stores..

sweettooth said...

Nandita,Thanks for the informative post..btw could you tell me where do we get to buy cream of tartar or tartaric acid in hyderabad?certain baking recipes use them..!

K said...

Quite an old post to comment on but wanted to let you and the readers know that microplane zesters are easily available in Big Bazaar now. So are rice paper rolls.

Sonu said...

where exactly in General Bazar is the Venkateshwara Agencies?
i m not able to locate it on google maps.

Sonu said...

Where exactly is dis Venkateshwara Agencies in General Bazaar? i m not able to locate it or the temple on google maps.

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Nandita! This is Suma, have been here earlier through Aparna's blog. I have a similar section on my blog for baking in Bangalore and am so glad to find this for Hyd!

I guess we will be meeting tomorrow, but I just had to say a quick hello when I saw this post here!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Nandita, I'm from Hyd and am a big foodie so am always on the lookout for new and exotic ingredients....I manage to find them most often but what I really miss is the variety of salad leaves, iceberg n curly lettuce being the only ones we get...do you know where we can get seeds or wether they will grow in Hyd climate...also looking for instant dry yeast...dry active yeast doesn't work so well in my bread machine.....pls help..thanks :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I found this site in BBC Good Food magazine, the gourmet food site that delivers stuff to your doorstep! Check it out at www.gourmetco.in :)

anonymous said...

godrej s new store on road no 10 has everything ...like all dried spices,mixes for all cuisines ..japanese,mexican,italian ,lebanese,chinese etc etc. vanilla pods are also available. chk it out

btw its called nature s basket

Bindu said...

Wow, u have a great website and graet recipes. I was looking for baking supplies in Hyderabad and somehow landed on your page. I stay in Secunderabad and am aware of Venkateshwara agencies in General bazaar. But the last I checked, he did not have a cake base. You know that cardboard/wooden-foiled thingie that you can place your cake on. I wondered if you have any clue as to where I can procure thouse. There's a bit of a bker inside of me raging to come out! :D

saffrontrail said...

You can ask them where you can find this. I'm sorry I am not aware of this!

Georgina said...

Hi Nandita, Ruci & Idoni is now called Godrej's Nature Basket. They have cheaper varieties of Oregano, Basil, etc. Also Q-Mart has the top floor where they have a cheaper variety of these herbs. Adilakshmi Enterprises calls Parchment Paper as Butter Paper and sells at 35Rs min. Thanks for this page...really helpful. I have had a whole run around all the malls in Hyderabad, import shops, etc at Hyderabad. Has been a manic run! Wish I found your page earlier I also started a food blog recently and made my own version of Zaatar very recently: 
Hope to see you there!

Georgina said...

Hi Nandita just read that you have moved to Bangalore. I wanted your help or that of your readers on 'Arugula leaves'. Hope I can get a lead on this! Thanks.

Georgina said...

(sorry forgot to mention, fresh arugula leaves in Hyderabad). Also fresh flat leaf parsley. Ratnadeep seems to have parsley but not the flat leaf version.

Banidhillon said...

Hey I was looking for Philadelphia cream cheese, will i be able to get it at Q mart?? also looking for marshmellows...btw great website...very helpful for ppl like me relocating :)

Pratap said...

Baking and Decorating Tools:
All of you out there looking for baking supplies and tools there's a new store in town called BakersKraft (behind Shopper's Stop, Begumpet) that primarily carries Wilton products
#Baking Molds, Rings and Pans
# Cake Accessories
# Candy Melts
# Chocolate Molds
#Colors and Flavors
# Cupcake Liners
# Cutters and Spatulas
# Decorating Tips
# Fondant & Gumpaste tools
#Edibles like gum tex, gluten, glucose etc
Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers

Website: www.bakerskraft.com; Email - info@bakerskraft.com

Yaman said...

Can anyone tell me where can we get Whipping Cream in Hyderabad?? Please anyone?

ravinder said...

reliance bakery, near airport flyover, begumpet

Yaman said...

Thanks for telling.. begumpet is a bit far but i know the bakery where it is.. can you tell me which brand do we get and whats the price? so that i go accordingly and get the stock up

ravinder said...

A new shop for bakery ingredients has been opened very recently.
One can get everything
It is in General bazaar, Secunderabad,
KKrishna Agencies.
phone no 040 65553608/ 040 66573608.

suzain said...

very helpful, good research!

Niranjan Jog said...

I need to buy things like Grenadine, Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauces / Syrups and other Bar necessities like Blue Curacao. I am new to the twin cities and stay near AS Rao Nagar in Secunderabad.
Please help with some guidance.

Nida said...

You'll find it at BALAJI GRAND BAZAR at Banjara hills. Beside Dominoes Pizza.
The brand is Tropolite. A 1000 gm. carton costs 196 Rs.

saima shaikh said...

Check out my blog toohttp://Auto Bahan Road Hyderabad Sindh

Malini said...

can anyone tell where baking equipments are sold near kukatpally ????

grab asap said...

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Krish said...

Tropilite is just Rs. 145 /- per litre. You can call : 9676820805.

krish said...

Tropilite is just Rs.145 /- per litre. Call : 9676820805