28 December 2010

Saying Thanks to the Santas on Saffron Trail

I have to write this note of thanks for the generosity of certain people, who have played Santa to me, in the last two months.

It started with Kulsum of Journey's Kitchen. One evening, i tweeted about a hummus-Baba gannoush-pita bread Lebanese dinner preparation at home, and she asked me where I get my Tahini. I admitted to her that i've always made my own and have never tasted the real stuff. She immediately told me that her sister was leaving for India in a couple of days and she'd love to send me some. Given my love for this cuisine, it didn't take much coaxing on her part to send her my address. In less than three days, I received a whole big bottle of Tahina (sesame juice, as they call it), Za'taar, Sumac and Dried Mint.

Another friend I found on Twitter -  Kishi Arora, the Foodaholics lady who bakes some of the best cakes in Delhi sent me a foodie package with parchment paper, cacao nibs, tea, nutmegs, Chinese 5 spice and 7 spice powder PLUS her delicious fudge. While the fudge was polished off in no time, and the parchment paper was put to good use while making Xmas fruitcakes, I'm still wondering what good stuff I can make using the cacao nibs.

A blog reader, Mani Mama as I call him, was the first to write to me a week before he was leaving US to come to India and ask if I would like some stuff from there. After writing back and forth half a dozen times, I finally sent him a list and when I collected my package from the person he had sent it to Hyderabad with, I couldn't stop smiling. You can see for yourself.

Another Twitter contact, Jigar Parmar showered some festive cheer on me by sending me two lovely books, one on Food in Italy and the other a coffee-table book on Mumbai.

I had tasted this peanut gajak for the first time at Preethi's house a couple of weeks ago and boy, it was addictive to say the least. When I tweeted about how I loved it and how I feel like having some more, my friend there said she will send me some. And just yesterday, three boxes of the sesame-jaggery goodness reached my doorstep. Yet to take a pic of that, as each time I go near the box, i end up eating some more of it, and forget to take a picture.

Thank you, my dear Santas. May be I have really been a good girl this year. You have really cheered me up with these lovely foodie-gifts.


Kulsum said...

Cmon, it was nothing, I was just more than happy to send a fellow foodie friend what I could. I'm so glad it made you happy, now that made my day in return ;) Hope you stay a good girl, a better girl next year and each year santa sends you more and more of all things good.


Priya Sreeram said...

now i understand why life is beautiful --- such selfless and worthy acts of good people (mostly still strangers) are truly wow !

Aarti said...

:) Lovely gifts for a lovely person... enjoy!!

Siri said...

Aren't these the best gifts for any foodie :-). Lucky you to have so many *virtual* Santas Nandu.


Malini Satish said...

Fold cocoa nibs into a basic sugar cookie batter for an intense chocolate hit. Or grind and add to coffee. Or grind with almonds, sugar and vanilla to make your own chocolate spread.

OOOOh! The possibilities....are endless.

sanjeeta kk said...

Love to come here often for your lovely egg less recipes. Like the post on thanking Santa :)
Happy 2011 to you!

Lite Bite

liz said...

what awesome presents! when someone asks me what i would like as a gift, i almost always list kitchen stuff. i am not the best cook, but i love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. i hope you blog about what you make with some of those lovely gifts!

Bong Mom said...

Happy 2011 dear Nandita to you and yours.

Miri said...

Happy New Year! - and how nice to be at the receiving end of such warmth :) Enjoy and lets see what you cook with them :)

Saudamini said...

You get good Tahini at FabIndia. :)

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