10 March 2010

The week that was: Good Food Ideas - 1

I'm starting this new series on good food ideas from the week that was. The idea behind this being, it's tough to capture good pictures and write about every good meal, but this way, I can store away the ideas for later. This will also include links to some of the recipes tried from other food bloggers.

 It's a bit late in the week this time, but should get down to posting it on Mondays, now on.

  • Cooker vegetable pulao with MTR Pulao Masala and tadka-wala raita
  • Rajma Roll ups - Cooked Rajma sauted with onions and tomatoes, salt and chilli powder, rolled up into thick rotis - a perfect TV dinner to curl up and watch American Idol
  • Pepper roti from Simply Trini Cooking recommended by Cynthia of Tastes like Home, with some modifications but tasted fab nevertheless. Our friend visiting us over the weekend loved it - it is one of the perfect eats to go along with a chilled beer in the summer evenings.
  • Made Bisi Bele Baath after a long time. I've been following this recipe I found from this blog for about 3 years now - made it innumerable times - a perfect one pot dish - try it if you haven't yet, with this recipe, you can't go wrong.
  • Have made Talimpu inspired Cabbage thuvaiyal some three times already - it featured once again on this week's menu. My aunt and uncle who got a first taste of it couldn't even figure that there was cabbage in this chutney - so this one goes for all you cabbage haters! I made it by roasting red chillies and udad dal, sauteeing the cabbage till soft and grinding it with some soaked tamarind, coconut and salt - with the mandatory tadka of curry leaves, mustard seeds and udad dal on the top- quick to make and perfect with rice.


Srivalli said...

Thats a nice list Nandita, it is so true right. Even I have something like this stored. I have written down the menus that I do on a week, but never came around writing them on the blog. I even follow a menu planner for most weeks. Sometimes I end up changing it though I won't track it back.

I make pepper puris..Pepper roti sounds interesting, will check it out..

Thanks for the inspiration, maybe I will have to look into my list again..

Nandita Iyer said...

My guess on seeing the title 'Pepper roti' was rotis with black pepper, here it has loads of chillies :)
Once i get my weekly supply of veggies, I plan out a menu too depending on the perishability of the veggies - i stick to it most of the times, except when have some guests dropping in or we go out to eat.

Anonymous said...

Nandita, Did u use regular Indian green chilles for the pepper roti ?The original recipe has very hot peppers, so was wondering how did it turn out. Lets know how u did.

BangaloreBaker said...

Nice idea. I liked your blog name. BTW, I am hosting my first event which is on baking. Check it out if you are interested.

Raaga said...

Nice... I make cabbage thuvayal minus the coconut :) should try with coconut too.

BBB... my aunt's signature recipe, handed down to me directly long before she passed away... its been in my family for ages: http://chefatwork.blogspot.com/2009/04/bisi-bele-huli-anna.html

Priya said...

This is such an awesome idea!!! I never keep track of things I make and like, so I totally am at a loss when I want a repeat or a need an idea for a good quick meal. I am bookmarking this page. That pepper roti sounds awesome!!! Have to try it.

Nandita said...

Anon - I used regular green chillies (indian) medium spicy variety and modified the recipe to suit my taste - part atta, part maida and got 6 chapatis, so 3 thick paratas in all - used boiled potatoes instead of raw potatoes as I wasn't sure if they'd cook thoroughly - and used lesser cheese than asked for - but result was super.

Champa - visited your blog - shall surely try and participate :)

Raaga - will check out that link, i'm so used to this recipe that I don't even have to check what spices to roast and grind, but it's interesting to check what's been handed down to you.

Priya - glad you liked the idea - this is just my attempt at recipe jotting, not blogging :) Do try out the pepper roti, you'll love it.

Aparna said...

This listing is an excellent idea. Am going to check out those pepper rotis and the cabbage thuvaiyal (or thogayal as we call it). :)
I make a cabbage payasam and no one ever believs they just had cabbage for dessert! LOL

Pam said...

Hi Nandita!

I regularly follow your blog and have tried out some recipes, which turned out great. Always look forward to more from you....

I have a question about this bisibela recipe (from the other blog) that you have linked here - Would it taste just the same if it is made with regular shredded coconut instead of the dry one (kopparai)? I get only regular coconut shreads where I live...

Nandita Iyer said...

Pam - regular coconut is fine, that's what I use
Thanks for the appreciation

Aparna - I can blv you on the cabbage payasam

Global Tastes & Travels Inc. said...

Just wanted to let you know that I loved your Plantain Podimas recipe so much I am including it in a Cooking Demonstration I will be giving at a Food and Craft show called the Versatility of Plantain:

so thanks again for such a great recipe!!!

Nandita said...

Thanks Global Gourmet for the feedback :)

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