17 March 2010

The week that was: Good Food Ideas - 2

  • Making Manisha's famous lime pickle to make use of the blasting sunlight in the mornings
  • Had to use up the rice-paper sitting in the shelf for over a year, and what better time than a hot summer night to eat these rice paper rolls stuffed with grated fresh vegetables and a dipping sauce. These make a light, no-cook dinner, in fact it's almost all salad and very little carbs (picture above)
  • Green and yellow zucchini, sauteed very simply in olive oil with some garlic and dried basil, seasoned with salt and pepper, made a yummy salad, I even filled a couple of rice paper rolls with this stuff
  • Inaugurated the Thai Hot Basil Sauce that a friend got for us, along with a whole lot of foodie gifts, made an excellent dipping sauce for the rolls
  • Sweet potato chat turned out to be surprisingly good - good carbs in the form of sauteed sweet potato slices combined with a salad and dahi made a complete meal 
  • Took off to Bangalore at the start of the weekend - had some excellent Nonbu Adai, savoury and sweet to celebrate Karadayan Nonbu on Sunday at my cousin's place. I'll post the recipes here soon. While we were there, we ate out at friends' places and some famous places like MTR :) Some pics here

1 comment:

Miri said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you! I just bought these rice paper rolls for the first time and this link came just in time!!! will be making these on the weekend.


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