19 January 2010

Fruit buns

As kids, most of us have this love affair with Tutti Frutti, be it in ice cream or in fruit-bread or in cakes. I had bought some in different colours for the christmas fruit cake and some leftovers were asking to be baked into fresh fruit buns. I am a bit wary about letting Atri eat these tutti frutti as it has some serious food colouring, but that doesn't prevent us from digging into them. Besides, Hyderabad I have found has a great fondness for all things fruity - fruit biscuit, fruit toast and so on....the fruit toast from Mountain Bakery and fruit biscuits from Karachi Bakery have already become house favourites.

For a quick Sunday breakfast before leaving for the zoo, it was perfect to quickly dunk pieces of bun into a cup of milk and let it all melt in the mouth. Don't want to go overboard about myself but these were deliciously soft - one of the better breads I have baked I guess!

My little foodie...

My little foodie cant wait to get his hands on these...

Fruit buns
Makes 6

1 3/4 tsp active dry yeast
1/2 cup (more than) warm milk
1 tsp sugar
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat atta
1 tsp salt
Upto 1 cup water
1-2 tsp olive oil
handful of tutti frutti or chopped dried fruit pieces
few spoons milk to brush
1 tsp butter

  • In a small bowl, mix yeast and sugar in warm milk. Cover and keep in warm place for 15 min to an hour.
  • Mix flours with salt in large bowl. Once yeast mix is frothy, add this to the flour in bowl along with tutti frutti. Add water little by little and knead to get a smooth soft dough. Add olive oil, knead some more - make a ball of dough and place in oiled bowl - covered with a lid / tea towel. Leave for 2 hours or so until over doubled in volume. As it is cooler here, i left it on the counter overnight.
  • Punch down dough, kneading well, to remove all air pockets. Shape into six balls and place on a baking tray with enough space between them. Cover with tea towel and keep in warm place for 30 minutes until well risen. Brush with milk.
  • In a pre-heated oven, bake the buns at 180 C for around 15 minutes, till nicely risen and light golden on top.
  • Remove and apply some butter on hot buns to give a nice shine.
  • Eat warm! Perfect with a glass of milk.


Raaga said...

These are what I attempted to bake in class 4...which put me off yeast almost forever. :)

Jyoti said...

I had been thinking of baking buns for quite atime now... have all the ingredients..u have set me in the mood..




Happy Cook said...

I remember mom used to buy buns wih tutti fruity from the bakery and we loved them.
I am so bookmarking this.

nandita said...

Raaga - didn't get what you meant :)

Jyoti - try them out, pretty effortless!

Happycook- Wibs fruitbread was my childhood fav

Jayashree said...

My love for tutti fruity didn't end with childhood....I still can't stop munching on 'em.

notyet100 said...

yum thy look,..

Vaishali Sharma (Bhutani) said...

absolutely mouthwatering....

mona said...

I miss miss miss those tutti frutti cakes as well as biscuits from bakeries in Hyderabad, and those from Karachi bakery used to be so good!
Adding it to buns is a good idea. They look yumm!

KALVA said...

Nice fruit buns.. Miss those tuttifrutti here!

? said...

Chanced upon you blog! Good recipe and snapshots too!

Pauline said...

Mm! The sound of fruit buns sounds awesome! The dried candied fruit look enticing. Can you use some other flour instead of atta? I only have instant yeast. Can I just use that or do I have to do something different in the recipe?

Jagruti said...

Oh you reminded me my childhood...used love tutti fryti icecream in India...still love it..Buns looks yummy and very colourful..

cheers and do visit me if you can

Priya said...

Mmmmm....Ur fruit buns brought back such wonderful memories - I used to LOOOVE these. Still do, except I live so far from them now. So will have to try ur recipe. Thank you!!

Life Insurance Settlement said...

I was thinking about fruit bun as breakfast...

cedar chest said...

Kids will definitely love this. I hope I can make this one today! Thanks for sharing!

sandya said...


I am new to your blog and this is the first time I am following one of your recipes.

I tried this today, and the buns came out hard, it looked and ate more like a dinner roll at an italian restaurant.

Do you have any tips to make it soft like in the pictures you posted? I have to tell you though that my batch was not golden brown by 15 minutes, so I kept it for another 15 minutes.

Please let me know, I am very eager to make it for my little one.

Thank you very much

ramya said...

Loved the pic with Atri's hand on the bun....:)
He's one lucky boy!!gets to be arnd mummy making all this lovely stuff.


Vanamala Hebbar said...

Lovely..i had this similar bun when iwas went to india

Anonymous said...


I have read you blogs quite a few times and have tried the mava cake as well...it came out delicious !! thnks for the recipe.

Can you tell me where to buy active yeast in India ? Back in the US, it was readily available in all grocery stores.

~wanna bake bread.

Nandita said...

Anon - thanks for this - Active yeast you get a brand called Four Seasons - a fellow blogger sent it to me from Delhi - i've been using that ever since - you also get active dry yeast in bakeries and stores like Nilgiris even stock fresh yeast, which city are you in?

Ash said...

Hi Nandita,

Thanks for responding.

I am in Pune but frequently visit Mumbai as well. Have tried in grocery chains like food bazaar. Will try in bakeries / Camp area(upmarket area in Pune) now. Any shop in Dadar, Mumbai that might stock this ?

~ Wanna bake bread.

Mita said...

It reminds me of my school days..btw where do we get these tutti futi in bangalore. I'd love to try this. Thanks