'Souper' supper - Simple Mushroom Soup

Dinner last night was a very light one in preparation for the inevitable hogging that happens on weekends. Whole wheat toasts dunked in some hot soup make a comforting meal, even if it is too hot here nowadays. Like most other stuff I post here, this one too is a quick meal made from a few ingredients. The mainstay as the name suggests is mushrooms - with some onions and spinach to add flavour and body to the recipe. Made thicker, this will serve as a nice sauce for pasta too.

Simple mushroom soup
Makes two large bowls
Time taken - Under 20 minutes

1 tsp olive oil
4 cloves garlic - peeled
1/2 cup sliced onions
200 grams button mushrooms - cleaned, roughly sliced
1 cup spinach leaves
2 cups water

1 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp black pepper powder
1 cup milk
1 tsp salt or to taste

Heat the oil in a pressure cooker. Saute the garlic for 30 seconds. Add the onion slices and saute for 2-3 minutes. Next throw in mushroom slices and spinach and stir on high flame till spinach wilts. Add 2 cups water to this and pressure cook* for 5 minutes (keep on sim for 5 min after two whistles). Remove and cool. [You can make this in advance up to this point and keep in refrigerator for a quick supper after a long workday.]
Blend this to a chunky consistency once cooled. We like it this way, as it gives a lot of texture. Remove to a saucepan, bring to a simmer. Add seasonings. Check for salt. Add milk towards the end, bring it to a simmer once again. Remove from flame, serve hot with croutons or whole wheat toasts.
*If you don't use a pressure cooker, then boil the mushroom, onion and spinach with some water in a pan with a lid for around 10 minutes till mushrooms are soft.

This makes a good low-fat, low-carb supper (minus the toasts of course) . But even with the bit of carbs, it is an excellent option for those who are looking at shedding some pounds.

Another incredibly simple mushroom recipe coming your way soon!


Happy cook said...

Love love the soup and mushroom soup is my hubbies favourite soup thought daughter hates it, but he and I Loves it.

Saraswathi Iyer said...

Nice soup nandita. Drop in sometime.

Jaya said...

quite good there :) ..nice way to warm up after a hectic/tiring day ....
hugs and smiles

Puspha said...

Hello friend, how r u?
The soup looks fab.
Just to let u know tat I've resumed blogging.

Hot Cover Girls Central said...

this is very nice, it looks delicious. :)

-cathy young

Rohini said...

You have a lovely blog!! And mushroom soup sounds too tempting! Following you from my blog..
And pls do drop by mine when you have sometime! :)

Nagesh.MVS said...

Verry nice.
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Dale said...

Hi from Canada. Great blog, love the recipes. I have made a couple of them over the last year. Please keep it up :) I will try the mushroom soup for lunch today. Cheers, dalesinclair.ca

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Lavani said...

Yum . Love , Love mushrooms .Will definetly try this .

tony said...


睡覺 said...

Great minds think alike........................................

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shilpa said...

heartwarming and filling, perfect for the never-seeming-to-end monsoons. did what you suggested and used it as pasta sauce the next day. as hearty as the soup and what's more ready in a jiffy :)

Beran Parry said...

Nice recipe with mushrooms,hot soups are our need in winters and this mushroom soup recipe is looking tasty too.

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