30 September 2008

Back with Poha Idlis for WBB- Grains in my breakfast

If I told you that this tambram girl has never been able to make fluffy idlis from the scratch, would you believe me? Well it was the case until I tried out Sanjeev Kapoor's Poha Idlis that featured the Healthy Breakfast episode in the near past.

They turned out white, soft, fluffy - and these are perfect for people like me - from whom the perfect idlis have been largely elusive.

I followed the recipe to the T. And there's no reason why these should make perfect dosas or Uthapams. I can swear I downloaded the pics from the camera and its odd how I can't seem to find them in my quite empty formatted notebook.

The picture will be updated the next time I make them, which I promise will be soon.

The recipe is from Sanjeev Kapoor's website, where each week's episode recipes are displayed for two weeks and I copied them down before they vanished. The recipe yields about a dozen medium idlis, and you can easily double the recipe to make dosas the next day.

Recipe Source : Sanjeev Kapoor / Khana Khazana

Preparation Time : 10 hours

Cooking Time : 30 minutes


1/4 cup Pressed Rice (poha)
1 cup Rice rawa (idli rawa)
1/4 cup Split black gram skinless (dhuli urad dal)
Salt to taste
Oil for greasing


Soak idli rawa and poha in water for two hours.
Wash urad dal and soak in water for two hours.

Grind idi rawa and poha with a little water to a smooth batter. Transfer into a bowl.

Then grind urad dal separately to a smooth paste using little water. Transfer into the same bowl. Mix the two batters and allow set aside to ferment for eight to ten hours.

Heat sufficient water in a steamer. Grease the idli moulds. Add salt to the batter and mix well. Adjust consistency. Pour spoonful of batter into the moulds and place them in the steamer. Steam for about ten minutes or till done. If a skewer inserted into an idli comes out clean, the idlis are done. Take the moulds out and set aside to cool slightly before demoulding the idlis. Serve hot with chutney and sambhar.


Aparna said...

I believe you, Nandita because for a long time I couldn't make very fluffy idlis either.:)
It depends on the rice too, I found. Now I can't find the rice I want here, I think your poha idlis are coming to my rescue. Shall try them.
Thanks for sending them into WBB.

Anjali said...

Good to see back in action Dr. The reco seems like a must try.

Priyanka said...

That sounds easy and delicious

Supriya said...

I've given up making idlis from scratch since my batter never rises! But now I am tempted. I'll give ur poha idlis a try soon.

Jayashree said...

My idlis used to be that way too....and then I learnt this trick of soaking urad for just 30 minutes and then putting it in the fridge and grinding it using cold water. That did it and I now make reasonably good idlis.

delhibelle said...

Great to see you blogging again and thanks for sharing a tested idli recipe

Mallika said...

That was a looooooong break! I am yet to get the idli tray but when I di, I'll defo try this. Have the cookbook also!

Shreya said...

I love those idli trays! My mother adds poha to the idli batter while grinding and this really makes them puffed. I like this version, will try it.

Kamini said...

I have the same problem - rock-hard idlis all the time! I will certainly give this one a try.

Anil P said...

Idlis must rank among my favourite foods. But I must admit this poha idli will be uncharted waters for me.

Priti said...

Poha Idlis..sound interesting...will wait for the pics ;)

Pete said...

Idli is nice. Can't get good ones here!

Nupur said...

Two thumbs up! I tried this recipe yesterday and got beautiful soft and fluffy idlis :) Happy Happy
I also love that the proportions make a small batch, perfect for a family of two.

maidinmalaysia said...

hey! thanks for recipe. am just rushing off to soak everything...
*my family is already dreaming of perfect soft light idlis*

AMIT said...

Good to see this good recipe.

Lingerie Bookmark

Rumela said...

My father is a huge fan of idli and I always try to make it for him whenever we see my parents. He has yet to be fully blown away by any of the recipes i've tried. Simplicity is key, and yours looks perfect! Can't wait to try it. thank you for shearing your post.

Caroline said...

Have u all tried adding a little ENO to batter just before steaming it? It does the trick for me.. light and fluffy idlis. Also, eno is fruit salt so better than adding yeast/baking soda/baking powder.

GB said...

I have to try this one! Can't make fluffy idlis to save my life! :) Bookmarking this recipe for the weekend!

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