13 May 2008

Awards and Mentions

Recently, some blogger awards have been coming my way :) Instead of doing several posts to cover them, I have decided to dedicate this one page to all the dedications that have come my way...Until now, I have not mentioned or displayed any of the badges.

For one, since I am not too up to date on Technorati, I don't even realise that someone has linked up to me, or mentioned my blog. Secondly, I appreciate each one of you who think of me to say something nice, and I really value those nice vibrations coming my way, even if it is only via the internet.

If I had to select any particular blogger to pass on the awards to, it is a tough task for me, as I feel each one is doing their best in their own way - Cooking and caring for their family, taking the trouble to photograph the dishes with husband and hungry kids waiting to be served, the blogger herself/ himself resigning to cold food or microwave warmed food as it would have gotten cold while taking the time to capture it on the camera, and then taking time to write about it, responding to comments....it is clearly no mean task. Hence I do not consider myself in any position to judge who is a Yummy Blogger or who deserves an award of Excellence, or who is a Nice blogger....each one is yummy, excellent and nice in their own way!

However, with deep gratitude I display all the badges (and occasional press mentions) on this page :)


Mid-Day - Mumbai's Daily Tabloid
Gauravnomics - Desi Blog of the day
Interview on Cooking Goddess


In case I have missed your award, please leave a link in the comments, and I shall update the page promptly.

From Shaheen of Malabar Spices & Shubha of Chukti Bhar Pyaar

From Deeba of Passionate About Baking


Aparna said...

Congratulations, Nandita.
I'll take this opportunity to tell you that your blog was one of the first few I came across when I discovered the world of food blogging. And inspired to me to join the community!

Raaga said...


Srivalli said...

nandita..those are cool!...congrats..doc..keep up the great work!

satya said...

That's great Nandita!!.....Hearty congratulations....and wish you many more!!

Gardenia said...

Congratulations on getting these awards! Your blog is excellent!

Usha said...

Felicitaions and completely deserving!
May I add another tiara to the cooking princess?

ranji said...

1st time here!!!really nice blog...love ur collection of recipes.congrats on ur awards nandita!!!!!

Uma said...

Congrats on the well deserved awards and press mentions.

Shobhit said...

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arundati said...

well deserved awards nan!! congratulations!! cnd here's to many more!!

Kamini said...

Wow congratulations! You deserve every one (and more!) of those awards.

Amu... said...
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Amu... said...

Hi Nandita...You are so good at what you are doing...I have been a GREAT FAN all this while...and been a silent reader of your Blog....

Lovely Work here in your Blog....I have a Small Something for you in my Blog....Please check my page at http://amusworld.blogspot.com/

Please do acknowledge My Request...
Thank You....Amu :-)

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