Baby Carrots and Thyme

That is a shot glass!

The day before, in Godrej's Nature Basket, I found some infant carrots :) (Smaller than baby carrots) Some were smaller than my little finger and thinner! I couldn't resist buying a bag full of them. Also on the offer were fresh herbs at under Rs.5 a pack - another irresistible deal - so brought 2 packs of basil, one each of thyme and oregano. While basil is available in most supermarkets all the time, this is the first time I found thyme and oregano, fresh...

Carrot as small as thyme :)

Right there, I knew I wanted to roast the cutie carrots whole with loads of fresh thyme and garlic. I also threw in some onion layers which were promptly devoured as soon as they came out of the oven as they has crisped into brown DELICIOUS chips.

Nothing much of a recipe here, the pics will tell you all :)

How to roast carrots?

Preheat oven to 200 C.

Scrub and wash the carrots well. Wipe dry. Slice off the tops and any hairy tails. Line a roasting tin with foil. Put in the thin carrots as it is, and halve the slightly thicker ones vertically.

From a small bunch of fresh thyme, remove the leaves and add to carrots. Add some stalks as it is too. Chop 4-5 garlic cloves into big pieces and add to tin. I also added layers of one medium onion, but this is optional. Salt the carrots and add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and mix everything well with hands.

Bake for 40-45 minutes at 200 C. Remove the whole stalks of thyme and serve as a side or use in a wrap or sandwich (like below).

The thyme-carrot combination was fantastic but could try this out with any of your favourites like rosemary or oregano.

In the pic above, you'll see that the babies have shrunk considerably and the tin looks quite empty. That's because I took the pic after eating quite a few of them. And you don't see any onions either - as they were the most yummy bits!

Roasted baby carrots and basil sandwich

"Ain't I such a pretty sandwich?"

While I ate most of the roasted carrots and garlic straight from the roasting tin last evening, the ones saved were used in a sandwich for breakfast this morning.

Just bread, roasted carrots and loads of fresh basil leaves and some freshly ground black pepper. We had this with some Mild Tabasco (Green Pepper) to counter the sweetness of the carrots.
I also added a sliced boiled egg to my sandwich. This is the hubby's :)

Loved this simple sandwich. You could use a cheese spread or mayo to spread on the slices before assembling, but this tasted divine to me as it is!

This is my entry to Kalyn's Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Jugalbandi

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