Review of The Blue Frog - a live music club in Mumbai

6 of us decided to try this place out the new 'happening' club in Mumbai called the Blue Frog, news of which has been doing the rounds for its live music each night of the week.

Reaching there
As you come down Tulsi Pipe road from Dadar, much before Phoenix Mills, and opposite Kamla Mills compound, you'll spot an ICICI ATM and you must turn left immediately even if you think that the place looks all dark and dingy and hardly the types that would house a hip-n-happening club.

Early bird catches the 'free' worm
Beyond 9 pm, you have to pay up a non-redeemable cover charge of Rs.300 per person. Unfortunately we entered at 2 minutes past 9 ! We had tried to make a reservation earlier in the day, but they had said its all taken.

Ambience and music
Anyway, we got a standing / bar stools table near the stage. The place was quite empty at this time and most of the 'pods' [the better seats or the round cubicles if i may call it that] were vacant, but you know how these places are...They love to keep maximum seats as reserved for the guests that wont appear, to show how much in demand they are. The pods are all arranged at increasing heights like an auditorium, which is well suited for viewing live performances. The interiors and design is truly international.

Since this place is all about the music - I must make a mention that the owners have invested in state of art music equipment and quality of sound is undoubtedly excellent. The live band (music) of the day was provided by Bhavishyavaani Future Sounds, which was kind of trance to new-age rock. Although I am no trance lover, the sound bytes were making me groove in my bar stool. The music reminded us of one of our favourite groups - Thievary Corporation.

We ordered a plate of Tangy mushrooms (Rs.350 or so) with Kingfishers (150) and Asahi beers(350 or so for a pint bottle).
The mushrooms while they tasted good were 6-7 pieces of the smaller fungi in a plate way too large for them or the table! Lets say it occupied 75% of the table :)

The local vodkas cost around 175 for a small shot. After over an hour and a half hovering around the tiny table, we were (drumbeats!!!) finally asked to move to a 'pod' - Oh what a honour....

The seating there is comfortable I must say, and especially so after sitting on the tiny, tall bar stool and on a table that hardly had finger room for the 6 of us, forget elbow room (remember the large plate??)!

More beers were ordered and a plate of home fries or potato wedges as the lesser mortals call them. The spicy sauce that we specially asked for was good. For a plate of 8 fries that costs around 250 bucks, it is wrong to expect something more than boring ketchup to go with it?

The one thing that really cheesed me off was that we asked for two beers and then one of the beer drinkers decided to call it a night as he had to drive back. So when we asked them to get just one, they tried telling us, its already been "made"! Since when have Asahi started brewing their beer in the Blue Frog, pray tell me! Anyway after a little bit of brow beating over the brew, they canceled our order of the extra beer.

Cost of the experience
Apart from the 2 plates of food, five singles of local vodka, 4 KFs and 6 Asahi beers, and the bill came to a whopping Rs. 5300 or so, including 20 odd % of VAT / ? Luxury tax PLUS 1800 cover charge , Total 7100 for one evening out.

The music was good, and the big projector screens all around the ceiling was fun, but if one is not a big fan of trance, it can get boring and repetitive. The place managed to get somewhat crowded by 11.30 when we left. Guess the long weekend (holi etc.) was the reason for a not-so-crowded house.

Final words
Will I go again? Probably yes, when I find some kick-ass group playing live (the gig calendar on their website for the month helps you decide your visit in advance). For trance music at this price - No!

If you just want to have a feel of the place without turning your pocket inside-out, go in early (before 9 with a reservation, asking for a pod) and do confirm when they start the cover charges for that day, when you make your reservation. Hang around with a KF or two. They will ask you to move out by 10.30 pm, because thats when the second lot of reservations are given out, but thats alright! You have around 2 hours to soak in the ambience and the KF.

My Rating:
Concept and ambience - 5/5
Food - 3.5/5
Service - 2.5/5
Pricing - $$$
Overall - 3/5

The Blue Frog
Mathuradas Mills Compound,
Opp Kamala Mills Entrance,
Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Phone: 40332300
Gig Calendar


Read my other restaurant experiences in Mumbai here. I shall soon be posting all reviews in a separate section on the blog for the benefit of my Mumbai readers. Sorry folks, no photos this time. I like to simply enjoy the experience instead of taking photos and grabbing people's attention. I'm sure you understand.


Shanti said...

I have never commented on your blog before, but have been a faithful follower for the past 6 months since I discovered it. I have a set of food blogs I open up and read EVERY single morning when I get to work (yours being one of them) and make such a pleasant start to my day, not to mention all the inspiration for food and healthful eating I get from you all. So when I went tried to get on to your blog yesterday and found the "open to invited readers only", I seriously felt like I had been punched in the stomach! A bit dramatic I know and yes I am a crazy girl!!! So I've never even made a peep on your blog and yet I feel incredibly disappointed when I'm not invited into your kitchen anymore! But thats how much some of the blogs I read have become a part of my life and I feel very much a part of the community even though I don't blog myself (can't make the time commitment at present) and I hardly ever post comments (am sort of a wallflower in general even in person). So I just want to say - I am SOOO GLAD that your blog is open again. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work, thought and time, you put into it and just know that you have some staunchly faithful, if not very vocal, fans who appreciate everything you share. I am a first generation Indian-American, in the medical profession, vegetarian and when I find the time, I love to cook, the healthier, the better :-)

musical said...

What a sigh of relief! I thought your blog had gone private.....

Thrilled to see the Saffron Trail back :). And your brass ladle pictures totally rock!

Nandita said...

Goodness, that was the most touching comment on Saffron Trail ever, I guess! Your words give me the inspiration to go on...sorry if i seem to be gushing but honestly your comment was totally heart warming..My blog is for the people and I will never dream of making it private. YDay's circumstances had forced me to shut down for a while, so that I could rectify the problems.
Best wishes to you.

Musical - Thanks dear! Well, ive got quite some encouragement on the picture, so my confidence level abt the photo is a bit higher than where it started from. Cya around.

Swati Raman Garg said...

:) thank god my virtual mentor's blog is no more on invit only...
iam missing mumbai:(...

Jyothsna said...

Your review will come handy on my next Mumbai trip!! :)

Poonam said...

Same here..Your reviews will be a great help for my next trip to Mumbai!

Siri said...

Thank goodness 'Saffron Trail' is made open Nandita. I am a silent reader of ur blog and just love ur reviews and delectable food too. Its always a pleasure to read about how things are back in India. Great post from u - as always!


Nandita said...

Glad that this will be of help...send me a mail though before you land up here, and i will keep you updated, because places open and close here, before you can blink and open your eyes :P

Gaurav said...


I like reading about others eating out, just about as much as i like to eat out.

Went for the Pan Asian brunch after reading your review. Pretty good stuff.


Sig said...

Great review darling... wish I was there! And what is this I hear about your blog going private? SHOCK....

Nandita said...

Read note on side bar starting with 'sorry'
You'd have loved this place!

Osho said...

Nice review, have linked your blog here, for Salsa fans, as we have Salsa parties @ bluefrog on wednesdays :P.

Nagesh.MVS said...

Great review.
Great post from u - as always!


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