24 March 2008

Pears for AFAM

While I am deciding what to do with the pears for A Fruit a Month, hosted by my friend Raaga of The Singing Chef, here are a couple of varieties we've enjoyed eating - the brown organic pears, apart from the crisp Indian pears and the Chinese variety.

Although we like to support the locally grown varieties, the Red Anjou is an eye catcher. It costs almost double that of the Indian pears, but the red skin makes it a beauty especially in recipes like this one. I had tried this recipe with the regular green pears, but these red beauties are begging me to have a go at it again...let me see if I oblige!

While this one was labelled as 'brown organic pear', it is also known as the Nashi pear or Asian pear. More about this here. However, the wiki link wrongly calls this one Nashpati in India, which is a different variety altogether.


Raaga said...

am waiting eagerly... so eagerly :-)

bee said...

you get asian pears in mumbai? i absolutely totally adore them. beautiful pics

Nandita said...

Bee- we get everything here :P in the supermarkets, it is just tough to find local stuff - but stuff from around the world is easily found -
The asian pears were so juicy and yummy - i could have devoured a dozen on my own :)

SMN said...

Loved the pic i love this fruit too..