13 March 2008

Peanut Butter Brownie Sandwich

I had blogged about a basic brownie recipe some months ago, and since then I have made them several times. Since the baking time is under 15 minutes, this is the best option when I want to make something in a jiffy for my friends. Besides summer is almost upon us and I dread any recipe with long baking times to add to the heat in the kitchen

Today, it so happened that the same recipe meant for a 9 X 9 pan, got too thinned out and hence this idea of using two pieces to make one brownie and something to get them sticking.

Since I'd made smooth peanut butter at home* for the second time yesterday, they were on top of my mind to use as a gluey fudge. Plus I wanted to get in some chocolate into the middle layer too. So the fudgy middle layer was made using smooth peanut butter and melted cooking chocolate, both mixed to form a nice smooth fugde.

1 basic brownie recipe, cut into 16 squares
4 tbsp smooth peanut butter*
100 g cooking chocolate, melted in microwave (on high power for 1 min)

1. In the bowl with melted chocolate, add the peanut butter and using a spoon, blend well to make a smooth fudgy paste.

2. Make a sandwich using two squares of brownies, applying the peanut butter-chocolate fudge generously inbetween the slices.

* How to make peanut butter at home in two easy steps?
Roast the peanuts and grind them with their skins with a pinch of salt and sugar until they turn into a fine butter. That's about it.

It was for the first time I was tasting peanut butter inside of a brownie and it tasted fantastic! It's not just me, but my friend P to whom I made this, absolutely loved it too. We had a lovely afternoon today, as she tried to give me a makeover, starting off by trying to straighten my stubbornly wavy hair...we did succeed to some extent...and then we spent the rest of the afternoon in a wonderful place called Candies tucked in a leafy lane in Bandra...the beautiful pics of this green place in the middle of the concrete jungle is matter for the next post on the Feel Good Blog. Cya there soon! Leaving you with one of the lovely pics...a handpainted tiles' mosaic on an electric blue wall, inside the restaurant.


Cynthia said...

Can I have those pieces in the pic and a cup of tea please? :)

Meeta said...

those brownies look good. it also reminded me that I have not had peanut butter in ages.

a gorgeous girl like you needs no makeover!

TBC said...
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arundati said...

i love the tiles.....and nothing like a goey centre to already yummy brownies....

AnuZi said...

Brownies look delish! and the wall looks fantastic. Love all the creative flow :o)

Shalini said...

There you have me drooling..looks super yummy!!Will surely try this.Thanks for sharing.

Raaga said...

its been a few months since I made brownies... a friend and I planned to last weekend,... but it fizzled out.

sowmya said...

nice idea...they look so delicious..

Uma said...

Sooo mouth-watering!

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

I love reading blogs about cooking and making desserts...I don't know much on cooking that's why its helpful to me