Hasperat inspired Hummus, cucumber and sprouts roll up

I can watch most movies, excepting science fiction. That I went for the premier of Star Wars III that started at 11.30 pm and ended in the wee hours of morning, when we were in the US, is another story altogether :D

Vegan Yum Yum is one of my favourite sites, where Lolo showcases delicious looking food and because they are vegan, I can actually manage to cook most of them (subject to availability of ingredients, of course). When I looked at the Hasperat (food from the Star Trek), it looked anything but science fictional...instead it looked hearty, fresh and colourful and perfectly bite-worthy. By the way, while you are on her blog, I insist you look at her unbelievably pretty Knit Night Cupcakes, for which she featured as a guest on the Martha Stewart show!

When I read her beautiful post one night, I actually dreamed of it and how I was going to make it the next morning for breakfast. There were no tortillas on hand, but our roti is after all an Indian version of tortilla. With homemade hummus in the fridge, cucumbers peeled into ribbons and sauteed sprouts, I was all set to make my own version of the hasperat, heavily heavily inspired from the Vegan Yum Yum blog.

Rolled sandwiches with hummus, cucumber and sprouts
These go well for a hearty breakfast or a light lunch / dinner.
Time taken - Under 15 minutes
Serves 2

2 tortillas or rotis rolled out large and very thin
4 tbsp hummus
1 large cucumber, sliced thin with a mandolin or peeled into ribbons
1 cup mung or any other bean sprouts, sauteed in a little oil with salt and chilli flakes


  1. If using tortilla, warm them in microwave for 10 seconds, or on a skillet or open flame.
  2. If using rotis, first cook the rolled out rotis partially on the hot skillet, both sides and keep aside. Do not puff out the way it is traditionally done to make Phulkas.
  3. Spread a thick layer of hummus. Cover it with a thin layer of sauteed sprouts, followed by a layer of cucumber ribbons / slices.
  4. Roll up tightly.
  5. Brush with some olive oil and grill them on a grill pan or a hot skilled on both sides, for a minute each on low flame.
  6. Cut each roll diagonally across the centre, to make two pieces from each tortilla roll.
  7. Eat them hot.

We loved this for breakfast. Along with a few slices of apple, this breakfast provides the necessary carbs to kickstart your day, ample proteins from hummus and sprouts, cucumber for a serving of vegetable and sliced apple for one serving of fruit. Fibre is also abundant from the whole wheat flour, the hummus, sprouts and apple. Since the weather turned so warm here, we make it a point to have a glass of chilled chhaas or Masala Mor along with breakfast, that accounts for the dairy component. The other plus point for this is that it hardly takes any time to assemble, once you have the hummus, tortilla or dough for roti ready.

This is what we'd call a perfectly balanced breakfast, and this is my submission for an event I'd started off almost 18 months ago to emphasise on breakfast as the most important meal of the day. I'm so glad that Mansi (Fun and Food)who is host for the month, has chosen a theme that is closest to my heart.


bluespriite said...

This sounds like a perfect foil for homemade hummus.. something ive learnt to love.

Anonymous said...


This reminds me of one of my quickie dinners. I spread a tablspoon of Allam Pacchadi (ginger chutney) and 1/2 wedge laughing cow light cheese on a roti, and roll it up with thin long slices to cucumber,tomato and some alpha-alpha sprouts. Whenever possible, I substitute the cheese with 1/8th avocado slices. Roll it up, heat it on the tava for a while, and its ready to go!

Btw, I tried your cracked/bulgur wheat patties and they were great. Spread the word to a few friends and they loved it too. Keep up the great work, love to have a blog that also sheds light on nutritive content of the recipes that it lists.

- Anupama

Raaga said...

yummy...I've been meaning to make hummus at home for a long time... will keep it handy this summer when cooking isn't exactly what I'd want to be doing :-)

Mansi Desai said...

that looks fab Nandita! my hubby just loves hummus on his sandwiches:) thanks for a fitting entry to your own event:)D

A-kay said...

I do something very similar to this for dinner. Everything is the same, except that I add sauteed veggies and toasted walnuts, and no sprouts. I do agree that this is wholesome - never thought I could do this for breakfast though. Thanks for the idea :)

Nandita said...

Blue , Raaga- you must try this, it is fun and must taste good chilled too - good for our scorching summer that is just round the corner.

Mansi - I'm glad I managed at least one entry for our event.

Anupama - Laughing cow cheese sounds so good, especially because it is so soft and spreadable. Same with avocado..I love your version of the roll up. Glad you like the bulghar patties, you reminded me of them, and here they are, posted up as recipe of the week.

akay- glad you liked them.

Uz said...

I hummus available In Hyd Nandita , if so where is it available?

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