15 December 2007

A Ready-made Wishlist for Santa

Pic courtesy NY Times

The 'tasteful giving' list on the NY Times website, has caught my eye and heart and caught it badly. Each stuff is carefully chosen and is sure to be a delight for any food & kitchen lover. I wish there was one such list of irresistible foodie stuff compiled from stores in India...I'm sure there'll be something (am keeping my eyes open)!

Can you resist a cute yet practical grater like the one above?

For dining and wine lovers in the US, consider this a ready made wish list for Santa :)


Nags said...

that is so cute. let me know if you come across something similar in india.

Namratha said...

Oh what a lovely list, wish I could have most of them :-D The grater is absolutely adorable!!

Padmaja said...

Until i read your post, the picture didn't look like a grater, thats one cute little prezzy

Malini said...

so cute. But, I want the satsuma oranges from Florida.

Shankari said...

satsuma oranges and this grater is all I want, I should send this link to R

Bharathy said...

Wishing you and your family a Merry christmas and a happy new year!:)
I've sent a mail to you.Kindly check.