4 October 2007

WBB Update

This is an update for all of you who are waiting for the round-up of WBB # 15: Leftovers. My internet service has gone for a toss since 3 days. [Have logged in from hubby's notebook just to make this post, before he leaves for work]

Also, I'm happy to announce that Kanchana of Married to a Desi is the hostess for WBB # 16, and please keep a watch on her lovely blog for further details.

...Hope to see back here soon for the round up and please say a prayer for my net connection.

Hope you are all doing superbly.



marriedtoadesi.com said...


I will be posting a note about it as soon as I can :)Looking forward to being the Hostess!


Swapna said...

Oh Lord,
Please restore Nandita's internet connection:)
Sorry, I missed this event.

Raaga said...

That means I can send in my third entry too :-)

Nabeela said...

I hope you get your internet back soon!

bindiya said...

hope u r doin good too and u get ur net connection soon, its vital for all bloggers!

easycrafts said...

i too had a problem for 4 days...thank god its resolved...hope urs is resolved soon

Timepass said...

I am eagerly awaiting the round-up post..Hope to see it soon..
I just now read the article in rediff.com which mentioned your blog. Congrats and best wishes.

Sivani said...

It is scary how dependent we've become on our internet connections, especially when I think that there was a time when we never had any.

Somebody was saying that this is the year that kids going to high school have never lived in a world where there wasn't internet.

Makes me feel old. :-)

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