8 August 2007

Randomly yours...

A lotus in the Orchid Park, KL

Since I've been tagged by quite some friends (one being Arundathi) for this one and because after a serious JFI round up, we all need to celebrate and have some fun, here I am - telling you seven (no more than that) random things about me in no particular order. DH refers to my dear husband.

This is a kind of post that is best written after a stiff drink...because that's when I tend to get introspective. There are plenty of random things about me as there are about anybody else, but I'm also stumped as to whether I should do a long ramble or make it short & to-the-point. A long ramble is more like me and is likely to find more approval with my readers :O

1. On our first visit to Pondicherry, I went berserk in Auroshikha, their sales outlet. I bought almost 20 types of incense sticks, number of candles, candle holders, perfume sachets....so much so that I've been regularly using those incense sticks for over two and a half years and the stock isn't over yet. Ditto with the candles from Pier 1 Imports! Call me an aroma junkie!

2. I always thought baking was some kind of wizardry until I landed in the US, and generally started tinkering with the oven. The fact that something edible emerged from the ingredients used, actually shocked me, the first time over. When we were moving from Rochester to Bombay, the topmost on my mind was an oven, so that I could continue my baking experiments even in Bombay. I'm glad I did because its lovely to see the surprise and happiness on the faces of friends and family members when you take them home-baked goodies. I firmly believe in the fact that when you have to gift something to a person who has everything, make it a handmade gift!

3. I have always taken the local trains in Bombay since my college days. Though they were always crowded as hell. They still are. But ever since I came back to Bombay after a gap of one year of living out of this city, I must have boarded the train not more than 5 times. After the train blasts on 7/11 last year, DH has made me promise I wont get into a train without keeping him posted. More than the fear of a blast, I feel I have simply lost my edge, in nudging my way into the compartments. One need to practice constantly to stay on top of these things, you see!

4. I bought my own house (alright, alright, it was on a loan from the bank) when I was 27, going through the loan process, the agreements, the stamp duty all my myself. The red tapism had me in tears several times during the process, but finally when I stepped into a house which was my own, it was a feeling that cannot be described. The fact that the bank was willing to loan me so much money was yet another high! Well, we sold it a year after since I was leaving the country and I did not want a loan hanging on my head while I was away, but that is another story. Being single instills tremendous courage and determination in you, so for all those girls who are single, go out and do it. You don't have to be someone's daughter or someone's wife to buy a house of your own. You can do it as you!

5. I was a total Hindi film music junkie until I got married to S and I have no shame in admitting that. There was no exposure to western music and I was quite content humming our Desi tunes, especially when I could hardly ever catch the lyrics of the English songs (those days Google wasn't there to come to our rescue either). All my knowledge / appreciation of Western music today from pop to rock to disco to classical to jazz to heavy metal, is all thanks to DH. I call him a walkie-talkie rockopedia and just hearing him talk / write about music and hear his selection has made me quite knowledgeable (if I may say so) in this department.
Nowadays, thanks to a certain nasal high-pitched music director turned singer turned actor, I am forced to stay away from Hindi film music, which is in a way strengthening my bond with English music ;)

6. I've never been too fond of animals. More so after my best friend's dog bit me on my chin when I was 7 years old. I'm afraid of stray dogs following me on the road. I don't mind pups though and cats don't scare me either. It's just the dogs and I always feel they are out there trying to get a chance to nip me. It's quite the opposite in DH's case. He's grown up with six dogs and I'm quite convinced that if we ever move into a house with a lawn, I'm going to have to tend to a couple of pet dogs too - BIG ones at that!

7. Till recently, I would crib endlessly to DH and our good friend Lalit to please find me some girl pals (Lalit would say, if he had to run after girls to find me friends, they'd mistake him for a stalker, but I would continue to pester him). It was just plain luck or my karma that I had only guy friends, and would never come across girls of my type (Now you don't want to ask me to detail that! ) ! Of course I found loads of lovely girls in the food blogging scene, some of them in places as far as Weimar, Seattle and Delhi! No one to hang out together in the evening or catch up on shopping while the whole city is on sale or just bond over a chick flick that none of our spouses will be seen dead watching. But off late, as in since May, things have changed and I have atleast 5 good girl pals now, including Preeti who made Mango Sandesh for us.

Anyone who would like to get tagged on this, can please take it up from here.


Hima said...

Hey nandita, it was nice reading through your Meme. About the house thing, I too bought my own flat in hyderabad before getting married and a week after registeration my marriage got settled. And I had to fly to US within 4 months. I can understand how you feel after taking all that pain to get the loan and on top of that you have to quit that home and go else where. Man, it sucks. I am still paying for the loan working from home here in US. It makes me happy that I could provide a home for my parents back in hyderabad. Love that feeling.

bee said...

that was a good read. i agree about the train bit. one needs constant and rigorous practise, like training for a gymnastics event.

Sig said...

hehe... I was hoping for some hot and juicy confessional when I read about that stiff drink... :) looks like one drink doesn't do much to you, eh? :D
I totally get that train bit... I used to be the same way in buses too... Now I can't even imagine going near a public bus in India.... And girl,we have one more thing in common... I was about 8 when my friend's dog bit me...

nakeddesserts said...

Hi Nandita,

You are right about the Mumbai trains and Indian traffic in general.....like a junkie you have to be at it to be on top of it!

Ofcourse, being a single working woman rocks! While being married is a different experience(don't want to offend any husbands out there!)Being single, financially independent,mobile and a great group of friends....heaven!

Nandita said...

Exactly same case here, got married within one year of buying that place and since it was an hour away from my parents' place they advised me to sell it. But I feel now, it took so much of my grit and determination to do it, I dont know if i can do something like that by myself again- marriage does that to you :) in a nice way I mean!

I wonder how none of the train regulars have tried participating in world gymnastic events - im sure we would have many winners there...I'm totally out of touch and even standing on a railway platform gives me the jitters. After traveling in Mumbai trains, using the subway or the BART or the tube in London or any of the trains in KL literally seemed like child's play - all for the best in a way!

See, I knew we were soul-sisters hehehehe and did you see yourself featuring somewhere in point 7? hic hic!
And thats why I said one drink, had I had any more, then the contents wouldn't be suitable for a food blog would they - hahahahah

Glad to see ya around again, saying random things about oneself does get an audience interested :)

Latha said...

Hey Nandita,
That was good to know. These random thoughts just emphasize u're personality! I am with you on point 2. I love baking but for some reason i was so intimidated by the whole process. But i've gotten over that, but still have not gotten ove rmy laziness, feels like a chore to get all the baking stuff out and make something! I bake only a couple times a year. For sure during the holidays (TG and Xmas) and sometimes for baking events at my daughters school!
Glad u found some girl pals. Nothing like one to catch a chick flick or enjoy some shopping!

Mansi Desai said...

Hi Nandita,

Doctor, nutritionist, passionate cook and freelance writer!! hmm..interesting, at least i share the last 2 things, and i've always loved medicine:) u have a nice and worthy blog here...check out mine at http://funnfud.blogspot.com and let me know if u find it interesting enuf to add in your blogroll



Jyothsna said...

Can agree with you about Mumbai trains, after staying in Dubai, getting on to a train is nerve wrecking :)

Anita said...

You owned your own apartment at 27!! Wow!

I'd love girl pals that lived close by - till then the virtual ones will have to fill in better!

Your hubby writes well!

Nandita said...

nice to share those notes with friends.

thanks for dropping by, shall check out you blog soon!

the local trains seem to have struck a chord with most hahaha

so you got there huh! I was wondering how many will catch that link :) He doesn't like too much traffic coming his way - and will question me later about the bit of publicity I'm sending his way :P Anyway!!! I'm glad I have you for a blog friend :)

Raaga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meeta said...

Fantastic! Yes, my sweet I too often wish we were closer to each other - the wave we are riding on together is fantastic and I am so thankful to have found you as a friend. One day I promise we will do all these things and more. If not on a regular basis at least on short visits.

Nandita said...

Cheers to that sweetheart!

Raaga said...

Hmmm... S thinks the same way about the bus! But I'd much rather take the bus than drive. :-)

And I totally agree with you. We can do it on our own. I bought my own place at 25 and have no regrets. It pinched me a bit then, but now, I know that once I clear off the loan, it will be my place FOREVER.

And like I've figured in our chats, we have way too much in common.

I am so glad to have met you through this journey Nandita.


lakshmi said...

in the two years that i spent in mumbai while doing my masters, i avoided local trains like plague, getting into one only in dire circumstances. it was crazy, of course, who'd ever travel by buses during rains in mumbai.

but then my first exposure was on the western express on the morning train from bhyander - i swear i must have lost a couple of inches that day. to add to my misery i was pushed off the train while it was arriving at the platform at andheri!! :D

Srivalli said...

Hi Nandita...its nice getting to know you better...getting a house yourself was indeed very courages...and you husband writes very well too....


Anupama said...

Very well presented facts Nandita. Does give me a bit more insight into what Nandita is made of. I totally agree with you about the local trains of Mumbai and the stray dogs. I am completely a Pune Girl and give me my Honda Activa anyday to those horribly crowded locals. As for stray dogs I can spot them from miles away and change my path immediately even if that entails taking a half hour long-cut to my destination. I'll get in touch with you when I come to Pune for good and maybe we can me phone pals and also meet up sometime in Mumbai. Does that sound good?

Sandeepa said...

Hey Nandita
That was fun read. Heres to you and your girl pals and may you have many more

Foodie said...

Hey I can say you are one woman with a spunk and fortitude. Wow carry on girl. Like your attitude.
And loved your meme.

desigirl said...

hey nandita,
I was nodding my head vigourously as I read about you and your altered attitude towards taking the Bombay trains. I used to be quite adept at crossing the roads in Chennai - crossing the narrow patch opposite Ethiraj college deserves a medal and I did it for 3 years running. But now, after 6 years in UK, I am scared shitless! The smallest gully throws me and I hold onto my cousin's (she's younger than me by almost a decade!) arms. go figure!
it was real lovely reading about such tidbits from your life. am home now, visiting the folks, hence the absconding routine. i have changed my blog too - please visit me at http://desigirl.net.in/food when you find time. It wud be brill if u cud change the bookmark too. ta!

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