13 August 2007

New!! Request-a-recipe

ear Readers,

This page is for you. Here, you are free to post your request for recipes, only vegetarian though. If you are looking for any particular recipe from Tamil Brahmin cuisine, I shall be glad to ask my mom/aunts/grandma and be of assistance.

Also, if there is any recipe you would like me to try and make low cal / healthier or suited to a particular diet as as for diabetics, hypertensives or low-cholesterol - please write in and I shall try my best to help you out.

You will find this page as a link on the sidebar so that it saves you the trouble of emailing me.

Warm regards

Updated 16th August,2007

Recipes requested so far
  1. TamBram Kozhambu without using dal (lentils)
  2. Kurma for Porotta
  3. Avial
  4. Soya Chunks Curry


lakshmi said...

Beetroot Recipe? :(

- Not be the tamil poriyal
- Not be the Vadai
- Be Simple and Quick

I'm somehow in the mood for some chilled beet (i found some recipe for lemon honey flavoured beet juice)

let me know if you have any ideas. just pointers would do.

Raaga said...

:-) Great idea :-)

In fact someone who follows my blog regularly buzzed me and asked me for a cauliflower recipe recently... something that could go with rotis. So, this is a great initiative :-)

Srivalli said...

Great one nandita..I infact wanted to ask some typical tambram kollambu without the toor dal...saw few in your blog...will check again...


Suganya said...

Wonderful idea Nandita. One thing I notice in baking recipes for diabetic is they blindly substitute sugar-substitutes for the amount of sugar called in the recipe. I would like to learn more recipes that uses natural sugars in the food. Like using a banana or applesauce, and still be healthier with low amounts of fat.
This is a mighty task, formulating recipes. With yr know-how, I can learn a lot from you :)

Nandita said...

Lakshmi - There are two recipes I can recall offhand - one a beetroot sambhar that I've already blogged about...another a fermented beetroot pickle (punjabi style) where is soaked in mustard paste& water and left to ferment in the sun. I haven't tasted it, but im sure the flavours will be exotic. I have an interesting book - Joy of vegetarian cooking by Jasleen Dhamija where she lists recipes under each of the vegetables, surely we cant find something interesting from that- will let you know

Nandita said...

Stuff like venthiya kozhambu (fenugreek seeds) are made without paruppu, so is mor kozhambu, vetral kozhambu etc.
WIll note this down and post some of them soon!

Nandita said...

what you say is so true. They substitute completely with artificial sweeteners and hike up the fat content. It is very sorry indeed that the diabetic food readily available in markets is always low is sugar but very high in fats (including transfats)- fat content being higher than the normal foods. I would suggest using jaggery, fruit based purees such as banana/apple/prune/date to sweeten and simply exercise moderation. One piece after dinner is quite ok for a diabetic, as the other foods like wheat/lentils/high fibre vegetables had in dinner will anyway slow down the absorption of sugars as it is mixed with the high fibre complex carbohydrates. If you have any specific recipe in mind, we can discuss over email and come up with something yummy as well as diabetic friendly.

lakshmi said...

Fermented Beetroot Pickle sounds interesting. I shall look that up, thanks. Will also look out for Jasleen Dhamija's book at the local book store.

Prathibha said...

Hi Nanditha,

I am looking for a mixed vegetable gravy curry(south indian style), I had this once in a restaurant. If u happen to know this recipe plz email me.


Shalini said...

Dear Nandita,
I am an avid reader of your blog.I am a software engineer who's just got married.Though I love to cook,due to work pressures,I have very less cooking experience.I have tried out your potato wedges,paruppu usli,adai and banana cake recipes.They have come out really well.
I am also a tambram but staying abroad now.In my new avtar as a homemaker,I have all the time in the world to cook and experiment.So your blog is a great help.It saves my Amma from all that instruction-giving on phone or chat.
It would be great if you could post a recipe for Aviyal and something with soya chunks.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Nandita said...

Pratibha - I think you are talking about Kurma, it is usually served with porotta (thats how paratha is called down south) - shall do a kurma recipe for you soon!

Shalini - What you've written made me feel so good. Thanks for trying out my recipes and coming with the feedback. Avial is my all-time favourite, and amma makes it 'liquidy' so that I can eat it with rice and I mix 3-4 cups avial with 1 cup rice - and don't let any outsiders see me eat that mountain of utter goodness..hahahaa!! I feel quite terrible that I have not written about this hot favourite of mine.
As regards soya chunks, I use them as nuggets as well as granules. Check one Fortified Poha recipe using soya granules. Soya nuggets make very good substitute for eggs in egg curry. Check egg curry recipe and simply substitute eggs with boiled and tender soya nuggets - about a cup of dried nuggets. Shall post some more recipes on soya products soon. Thanks for writing in.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post the appam recipe ? i also wanted the vegetable stew recipe that is served with it. i ate it once in dosa diner but havent been able to replicate at home.
you r doing a great job with this site ...tried your adai recipe and it was great.

Nandita said...

Roshni, glad that you liked the adai. I haven't made aapam and stew but it is in the pipeline.

Shalini - Please check this link out for an idea to make curry with soya chunks. I have made a mushroom methi curry but you can easily substitute the mushrooms with boiled soya nuggets cut into bite sized pieces and proceeding in the same way.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nandita.

Can you please, please post a recipe for Dal Makhani so that it turns out the way they make it in restaurants -- especially the dal makhani at Moti Mahals! There are several dal makhani recipes on the net, but I have already tried them and it doesn't turn out exactly the way it is served at real decent restaurants. Somehow, I feel you may know the secret!


Anonymous said...


I regularly visit your website and have found the recipes interesting. I am planning to try the egg curry recipe today.

I want a dessert recipe for cornflakes. I have lots of it lying at home and am bored with cornflakes and milk for breakfast. I want some interesting dessert that I can share with my family and friends.


satya said...

Hi Nandita,
Is using baking soda and eno fruit salt in cooking harmful for health? Can you please give us any healthier substitutes?Thank you.

Suma said...

Hi Nandita,

I have tried many of your tambram recipes & always with success! Thanks a lot for sharing authentic recipes. I have a small request....can you please post the recipe of masala chaklis that maharashtrians make during Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi? It tastes so good....i wish i could make it someday!!


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