30 July 2007

KL trip pictures and JFI event reminder

We are back from our trip to Kualalumpur. It was my first time in Malaysia and I was impressed by the way the entire country is so geared up for tourism. It is no surprise that we find tourists from almost every place in the world, in the landmark Petronas Towers. The Tourism Malaysia festival being on currently, almost everything is on SALE, and the amount of 'mall-walking' we did could easily make up for one week of abstainance from the gym!

I would highly recommend The hop-on hop-off bus tour, the KL Bird Park, the Orchid Garden, and ofcourse you cannot go to KL and not get onto the Skybridge of the Petronas. We also managed a day trip to Genting and another to Cameron Highlands, which is another must visit for its scenic charm and beauty. The Aquaria is sure to be a hit with kids. Though Petaling Street (China Town) and Central Market were high on our agenda, the rains spoilt our plans. The Bintang Walk, Sungei Wang Plaza, Lot 10 and KLCC Suria Mall will satisfy the highest degree of shopoholics. Here are some of the pictures.

The pride of KL, the Petronas Twin Towers with the Skybridge, view from the KLCC park

Atop the Petronas Skybridge

At the Aquaria, KL

Over a pot of tea at the Tea Plantation at Cameron Highlands, overlooking the terraced tea gardens

A bunch of large, sweet smelling roses at the Rose Center, Cameron Highlands

Lady Shoe - One of the exotic plants at the Rose Center, Cameron Highland, Penang

A flock of noisy parrots in KL Bird park

Mangosteen, a fruit with a not-so-great appearance and a sweet, tart juicy interior, that will make you fall in love with it! Appearances are deceptive after all!

If you ever smell a durian fruit, you'll never forget it in your life! I did not dare to taste this one though...

JFI Reminder
We just got back home yesterday after being away for over 10 days. I was checking mail for keeping track of JFI - Chillies entries, from the WiFi spots in KL. Today, it was found that 9 of the entries were sitting in the spam folder.

This is a reminder for all those who are interested in participating in the Jihva for Ingredients - Chillies that entries will have to be sent in as per instructions before Midnight 2nd August Indian Standard Time ( GMT + 5:30 hours ). In case you are unable to post and send your entry by the last date, you may link up your post to the round-up, so that readers will be able to view your entry in the links.


Anita said...

Hi Dr.Nandita,

I've been following your blog for awhile now. Glad you enjoyed your trip to KL (where I was born and bred) :)

Padmaja said...

Great photos Nandita,Hope u had a great time there.
My India trip is in two weeks and I just can't wait to come.
And hey will post my recipe tonight for JFI-Chillies and mail you!!

Srivalli said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip..nice photos....waiting for the round up...


Asha said...

Beautiful pics! Malaysia sounds like fun!:))
I have sent my entry last week,hope you got it.Good luck with the round up!:))

marriedtoadesi.com said...

Looks like an amazing trip Nandita!
How is your TV show going? Looking forward to more episodes!


Laavanya said...

Nandita, lovely pictures of KL, made me reminiscent of my trips there.. love the place. The lady-shoe flowers look so pretty.
Looks like you had a swell time.

Meeta said...

Nice pics. I like KL and found it to be a great place for shopping ;-)

Foodie said...

How was your trip dear?
Missed your posts.
Glad you are back.
And waiting for another recipe on Nautanki TV. I just love watching you live.

Manisha said...

Gorgeous pics, Nandita! Esp the one of you looking down gingerly from the Skybridge. What did you think of Malaysian food? Were you able to find vegetarian fare?

Tee said...

great pictures! I have seen the durian fruit on TV on one of the travel shows...so it does smell really bad, huh? :)

anusharaji said...

u sure had a great time at KL nandita
i can relate to most of the shots.
esp petronas n noisy parrots
along with bird park, butterfly park, night safari n stuff.....
its been 7 years though

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked you visit to KL. My brother lives there and is a photographer. Here is the site;



madhuli said...

Nice pictures Nandita and I can see you had a great time too. I have already sent my JFI entry. Just wanted to make sure you have received it.

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