Spicy yogurt dip starring in a Sunday brunch

Update: A new brand of yogurt available in the market is so creamy, mild (not sour at all) and delicious that I can say that the inspiration for this dip is wholly from the yogurt. When something tastes so delicious, I always wonder if it is high in fat content and therefore calories, but at 79 calories per 100 g, it is not bad at all. Are you curious to know which one? You'll find it inside somewhere!

It's the typical Sunday morning scene. After sleeping in late, picking up the morning papers, reading them (in bed ofcourse) and then lazily stumbling into the kitchen to make a pot of tea is a delightful ritual, aint it?

Ah, forgot to mention another thing about Sunday mornings, a bottle of wine is opened and starts flowing a while after the late tea, making Sunday brunches more creative than any other meal of the week. Haven't you realised how wine is so important for creativity? It makes me use ingredients, do combinations that my saner self would question....but hey it's Sunday and stuff like yellow pepper, a 'ripish' raw mango, chilli flakes and onions don't seem too bad for a combination to go into the creamy yogurt!

I had made a spicy, fiery Chettinad style vegetable curry last afternoon for a Saturay night dinner. We ended up heading out to meet some friends last night and the pot of curry was put into the fridge. The curry knew fully well that justice would be done to it, the next morning. This bit of info is not very unrelated to the post....so what's going to happen with a bunch of unlikely ingredients, a leftover Chettinad curry? Read on to find out....

Spicy Yogurt dip with yellow peppers and raw mango
Category: Spreads and dips
Time taken: Under 10 minutes
Makes 1 generous cup

200g thick creamy yogurt ( I used Mother's Dairy brand - small tub )
2 tbsp grated raw mango
2 tbsp very finely chopped yellow peppers (or any other colour)
2 tbsp very finely chopped red onions
2 tbsp very finely milled coriander leaves
1 green chilli, finely chopped
Pinch of red chilli flakes
1/4 tsp of oregano
1/2 tsp salt

If the yogurt you are using has a higher water content, then drain it in a muslin cloth for an hour keeping it in the refrigerator, then remove and proceed with instructions.

In a bowl, mix all ingredients, except salt. Beat the yogurt with a fork, blending in all the ingredients at the same time.

Add salt, beat again and check the seasoning before putting it in refrigerator.

What to do with this?
  • Serve it with crackers as a party starter.
  • Serve with with celery sticks or other crudites for a snack.
  • Spread it on slices of bread, make a sandwich with slices of cucumber for a cool, beat-the-heat lunch.
  • Lick it off the bowl as it is!
  • Or see below.....
A great brunch idea - Whole wheat rolls with yogurt spread and spicy Chettinad curry

Laying the curry over the spread smothered roti

Rolled and cut up

Make a few oversized rotis or you are one of the lucky girls who has tortillas in her fridge, then skip this step too.
Spread the yogurt dip all over the roti.
Place any leftover curry (or roasted veggies) , draining any excess gravy in the roti along the length of the center (as shown in the picture above). Roll it up tightly and cut it into two with a diagonal cut in the center.

This is my entry for the 'Spice it up' edition of WBB # 12 hosted by Trupti at The Spice Who Loved Me.

The Chettinad style curry was made from a Madhur Jaffrey recipe for Chicken Chettinad. For those of you making this with veggies, please remember the quantities of spices specified are for 1 kg chicken, so adjust according to the quantity of veggies used. Anyway, even for 1 kilo of vegetables, you will need lesser masala than 1 kilo of chicken. I used 1/4th of the ground masala paste for 4 cups of mixed veggies.


Spicelover said...

Nice looking dip. We dont get the Mother's dairy here but I like the Nestle Slim Dahi. The rolls look delicious.

Sreelu said...

Girl I love your recipes, this looks so delicious !!! perfect for a hot summery morning.

trupti said...

That is a splendid idea.....and how perfect for weekend! Totally spicy and so of course, perfect for WBB.


Raaga said...

Have to have try

Anjali said...

The yogurt consistency looks right for a hawain salad too. The dip looks yummy. I wonder if mother's dairy is available here.

bluespriite said...

Nice to have you back...and a very neat recipe.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hey I love all ur recipes...
Ur Yogurt dip is looking YUM...SO colourful ....

Shantanu said...

Awesome! You make some really great stuff with simple ingredients. Another one we will try very soon...

Anupama said...

Nandita, that dip and looks so cool and refreshing. I am going to try that out. I like the rotis too

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