Mustard greens - sharing space with a bamboo plant

I had some cute little visitors in my Chinese Bamboo pot a few days ago and now they are flourishing.

I had tried growing some mustard greens by sowing soaked mustard seeds in a shallow tray. When nothing much came out of it, I emptied the soil in the tray into the pot containing the Bamboo, and they were happily showing their green selves in a few days. They've grown bigger now and their leaves are looking much different, with lacy edges! I haven't taken a pic of that yet, but here are the budding cruciferous leaves.

And a macro shot that shows you the rough texture of a young, jut broken out leaf. Even a leaf this tiny had that sharp pungent mustardy flavour, much to my surprise.

I don't think I'll have enough of them to make a saag, but may be I shall healthy stir fry them with some other veggies to make a nice sandwich filling seasoned with some mustard sauce. I just tasted the maturing leaves this morning, and they have a nice bitter-sweet, metallic taste to them.

Here's some info on how to grow mustard greens in your garden. And ofcourse, their health benefits run into a long page on World's healthiest foods. While you're there, you can also look up the various ways to serve up these greens.


bee said...

nandita, what are the specs of the macro lens you used? i want to buy one and am wondering hich one.

Sreelu said...


I personally think mustard greens are the easiest to grow. key is to soak them in warm water for about 2 hrs and then cover them in a soft cloth/tissue which is moist.
next day they will sprout, now plant these and I bet within a week you will see these shooting up.

My kids and I just did this as a part of kindergarten science project :)

Coffee said...

AHA!!!! Just what I needed!!!!!
Thanks for the links...... the plant looks cute. :)

Swapna said...

Lovely plants..
I recently planted some corainder seeds and pudina..Let's see how they progress

Raaga said...

Lovely pics... will try this out.

SteamyKitchen said...

these are SO cute! I love the pale color.

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