Bulgur patties - Crispy bulgur burgers

Regulars on my blog know that I have been cribbing endlessly about the heat in Bombay. I have almost forgotten how to make perfect round rotis, because it's clearly been a while since I made them. That doesn't mean I've been hogging rice for all my meals, which would have been the best thing to happen to me.

is called Lapsi or Dalia in India and it is the perfect substitute for rotis. After all, it is the same wheat in another form.We often eat this with traditional Tambram accompaniments like Sambhar, Koottu and even yogurt. With the strong flavours of the accompaniments, we hardly miss the rice. Since then, I have taken for granted that I can substitute lapsi for rice just about anywhere and get away with it. After having tried rice patties with left over rice in my early blogging days, this recipe came to my mind today. It's wheat plus veggies in one dish, served with a portion of salad and it is a whole meal without any slaving over the stove and sweating it out making rotis.

1 cup cooked bulgur (1/2 cup dried, medium grain)
1/2 cup grated carrots
1 chilli sliced
1 tbsp gram flour
1 tbsp semolina
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1 tbsp chopped mint
1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
Juice of a lime
1/2 tsp salt / to taste
Pinch of turmeric powder

Sliced shallots and thawed frozen peas for garnish

1 tbsp oil to grease pan


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Knead well to release flavours from spices and herbs. Refrigerate for 15 minutes or so.

Shape into patties of 3-4 cm diameter, about 1/2 inch thick.

Heat a non stick pan. Grease it with cooking oil.

Place 3-4 patties at a time on the medium hot skillet and let each side cook for about 3-4 minutes until crispy and brown.

Flip them over and let it cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Garnish with sliced shallots and serve hot.

  • This can be served with a green salad as a light dinner.
  • These bulghur patties also make great finger food for a party, and hey no deep frying too!
  • If you don't mind wheat in wheat, then nothing can stop you from building a burger around these spicy, yummy beauties!
  • You can make the same recipe with left over rice. Take care that the rice isn't too dried out or the patties wont hold their shape. If the rice has turned dry, then you can sprinkle some water and microwave it for a minute until soft.
  • Since bulgur has a low glycemic index of 46, it is very good for diabetics as a substitute for rice. The high fiber and low GI causes gradual rise in blood sugar.
  • How to cook broken wheat? -Wash the bulghur well several times in running water in a colander. Soak it in 1 1/2 cups of hot water for 15 minutes. After this, you can microwave the bulghur in the same water for 3-4 minutes on HIGH or pressure cook until you hear one whistle. 1/2 cup dried broken wheat yields over a cup of cooked grain.
  • For difference between bulgur and cracked wheat, read here.


bee said...

nice one. would oats work in this?

Nandita said...

You been reading my mind, I was just about to add that oats would work as well, may be you could add a starchy veggie like potato / yam / sweet potato boiled and mashed to make it hold well, in case of oats!

Priya said...

I have had a huge packet of this with me not knowing what to do with it !! Thank you :-).
And I love the new look ! The header image is very nice..reminds me of one of my dupattas.

Sig said...

Hey sweets, those are some goodlookin bulgur burgers... even the name is cool :D I didn't know we get bulgur in India, I discovered it after coming here!

Suganya said...

Nice recipe.. I bet it would not be bland as soy-based burgers tend to be.

Cynthia said...

I've never had bulgur before. What is the texture like when cooked?

Thanks very much for visiting my blog. Your presence is truly appreciated. Please come back and visit when you can.

Mallugirl said...

nandita, nice use of bulgur! will surely try it. i was blogging abt tabbouleh and here u are on bulgur patties! heh hee.. great minds.i overdose on curd and rice during the summers.

Anupama said...

Fantastic Recipe Nandita. Till now I have cooked Bulgur wheat only like upma and that was not so well recieved by the son or the husband but this definitely sounds more interesting . Have bookmarked it right away

Meeta said...

Nandita, this is really a cool recipe. Bulgur is something we have been eating a lotof lately and I find your recipe idea completely unique!

Nabeela said...

oh wow...that's such a cool recipe you came up with. I just marked it up to make soon...will let you know how it worked out..thanks!

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marriedtoadesi.com said...

Love it Nandita. Your recipes are so healthy, but TASTY looking. That's what I love about them!


Kajal said...

Hi Nandita,
Wow……very nice blog…..you have so many delicious dish here......i miss lots of things....but now I am not miss any single day.........I am busy some work so not come to see your blog but you are such a creative person with lots of new dishes. I like your summer food series........also Brownies my dear. Thanks for sharing lots of things.
Keep-In-Touch. Have a nice day.:)

Raaga said...


I use dalia a lot too. Make upma with it for breakfast several times a month and sometimes cook it instead of rice and eat it with just about anything. Will try this soon as I always have a supply of dalia at home. :)

elisa (Italia) said...

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Loved everything on your site and you did a magnificent job. You should be proud of yourself
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Sharu said...

Looks yummy !Thanks for giving link to state the difference between bulgur and cracked wheat!

Nandita said...

Sorry friends for the longish absence, and for not replying comments or mails.
Actually I am having an internet shut down since 5 days, the municipality guys have dug out the telephone and internet lines outside my building by accident, and that hasn't got rectified yet. I have logged in from DH's notebook for now, just to have a peek. Hopefully by the weekend things should be in place.
Cya soon!

sugar&spice said...

looks good really..I have never tried dalia here before..dunno whether its available in kuala lumpur..must go and check..nice blog by the way

amit said...

hi nandita nice blog uve got there.

i also hv put nautanki tv ads on my website like urs. could i know whether uve received ur first cheque from nautanki? i will reach the 10,000 rupees mark by this month end so could u tell me when i would receive the money? just asking so tht i could be sure whether this nautanki thing is authentic.
thanks :)

bluespriite said...

Hey u seem to be missing from the blog world. All ok?

Mahek said...

wow nandita!!!!
a great recipe a must try for me.
i make dalia upma and this is a new thing to try nutritious and i am sure tasty too


Shantanu said...

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. The recipes I find here are quite distinct from the ones I run into. Which means they are actually a delight to cook and enjoy...even when I am not particularly into health food.

Chinni said...

Nice recipe.It looks yummy.....

Sia said...

patties look as if they r dressed up to walk on the ramp...beautiful pic nandita...
and i love the new look of ur blog...very cool and contempory:)

Anil P said...

One really cannot beat rice, can one? :)

At full aperture the one behind could have been brought into focus. It really doesn't matter for it looks sumptuous indeed :)

Coffee said...

hey..... whats up??? Long time no see!! hope you're doing fine!

Mandira said...

wow, the bulgur patties look delicious Nandita. So colorful... can I substitute it with oats or maybe sago? the mango sandesh is just delish, I'll try it over the weekend.

meeso said...

This looks so colorful...I really wanna try it!

PG said...

A wonderful idea, a lovely recipe. And a very tempting picture too! I'll surely try it out. Since my family did not appreciate dalia khitchdi so much, I did not know what to do with it, until now!

Linda Burt said...


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your site and detailed information you present. It’s awesome blog.


Aruna Harish said...

I made this with left over rice and it was yum.

And I love your blog.

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