Friday Food Video - How to make naan bread

A Holi video at the end of this post specially for you to enjoy!

I felt so proud when I saw the Indian naan occupying place of pride in the supermarket shelves in London on my last visit and they were selling like hot cakes, or breads rather. When I bought a pack from the local Sainsburys and tried one piece, it tasted more like regular white bread with just a flatter, oval shape and some coriander sprinkled on the top. I was pretty disappointed.

The perfect naan is a kind of elusive delight.

Top 5 excuses for resorting to store bought naan bread are:

Oh! I don't have a tandoor!
It turns out too rubbery!
It came out like a crisp!
Too time consuming!
It's not meant to be made at home!

Many bloggers have demonstrated their beautiful naan making skills which inspired me to try them at home and boy, they were delicious. Just today, I came across this hugely popular video of making naan bread at home and Friday Food Videos is born.

For those who can't view the video below, click here.

So throw away the excuses and watch this beautiful video. You'll be the naan - queen (or king! ) in no time!

You could try our Egg curry or the Kaala Chana curry (North Indian black chick peas curry) along with the naan breads.

I want to share this soul-stirring video on Holi, do see it till the very end....and tell me what you thought of it!

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