17 January 2007

Welcome home!

A few weeks ago when I saw Ilva (Lucilian delights) asking bloggers to share their kitchen pics, I was sure it would be fun to peek into friends' kitchens. A little bit of voyeurism can't hurt! While I did peek into the ones who dared / cared to show, being neck-deep in work, I didn't have the time to post these pics.

See, I'm such a nice-mannered girl! Especially after taking those new year resolutions. And Jan is too early to break them. So, being the nice girl that I am, I'm showing you glimpses of my kitchen. Haven't bothered to tidy counters or any such thing, because sticking to truth at all times, is another of my resolutions! Ha ha ha, so is not letting go of a single chance to laugh out loud.

Since, this is a leased apartment, I make do with whatever shelves / cabinets my kind landlady has made for us. I did manage to nail in a couple of IKEA racks to hold the tea, sugar and smaller spice bottles. Using the space to the MAX, I have stacked the spice bottles on top of the hanging rod! That's the resourceful Indian in me :)

Our kitchen is a long rectangle with two counters, one on each of the lengths, a sink in the corner of one of them. At one end it opens into the balcony (read as loads of sunlight through the day) and at the other end into the dining space. No windows here, but I generally keep the balcony door open, while I cook, so that I can let in the fresh air and tantalise the crows and pigeons with my delicious food aromas.

This parallel counter is mostly taken up by the microwave and the oven, which if placed on a rack above would have given me loads of counter space. But then again, I don't like to make too many demands on my landlady! The tub is loaded with freshly washed utensils. The counters are yet to be cleaned.

I love cleaning up the kitchen thoroughly before sleeping at night so that when I get in the next morning to make my cuppa, I am to a fresh start. It is also fun to lay out stuff for the next morning breakfast, ingredients etc. so that one doesn't need to plan / scratch their head thinking of what to do next.

That's my kitchen for you. I've spotted another event that reads - Behind the apron. This is about revealing yourself (nothing naughty) - the person behind the blog. Come on, show yourself off, folks.

Dear readers and friends, sorry for being erratic with posts. It's time I got back into the groove.


starry nights said...

You have a nice neat kitchen.

Coffee said...

AWE!!!! thats a cozy little kitchen!! :)

Ikea!! in India!!! since when???


Nandita said...

Thanks Lalitha

Rooma - IKEA is never coming to India, so they said when I asked them. This is 'smuggled' from US when I moved here :)

Nandita said...

Thanks Lalitha

Rooma - IKEA is never coming to India, so they said when I asked them. This is 'smuggled' from US when I moved here :)

Anita said...

Nandita - that is a HUGE kitchen, more so when I think 'Mumbai'!!! That balcony must be well used - I think we saw a peek inan earlier post? Very useful for a kitchen - I end up using my sunny sill a lot. Any potted herbs there?

Anonymous said...

Nice , tidy kitchen.I love the black counter top.Here i am stuck with white one which is hard to keep spotless..:)
It's been long( i mean 10 days) since you posted.I used to come visit here everyday looking for new recipes.Hoping you would be back in action soon..

Vani said...

Nice kitchen, Nandita! Love the cabinetry! And the light filtering from the patio door-nice!!

The TriniGourmet said...

so nice to see your kitchen :) did you see mine? glad to see you posting again :D have missed your readings and I have bookmarked your cauliflower recipe to try :D hope the picture i sent was satisfactory :D hugs!

Anonymous said...

Loved your kitchen nandita, so very bright and cheery, kitchen opening on to a balcony is a pretty good idea

Meeta said...

A real cosy place Nandita! I can imagine us talking for our there ;-)

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