31 January 2007

Black Eyed Peas Burgers - KBC & SRK

Food news from India
We are finally seeing some quality food shows on the Indian tele scene. Madhur Jaffrey's flavours of India is fun to watch. Kylie Kwong on Discovery Travel & Living provides us that touch of exotica with her two shows - Cooking with heart and soul and Simply Magic. Now, the 'hostess with the mostess' - Nigella Lawson is finally on Indian tellies with her show Nigella Feasts, Mondays 8.30 pm.

Ever since I tried making burgers with the leftover dried Kaala Chana (brown chick peas) a few weeks ago, we make sure we have a Rachael Ray-esque burger night atleast once a week. Since we are vegetarians, I must say we have a WIDE variety of options to try out. Veggie-burgers, lentil burgers, soy burgers, I can go on and on and on.

The Kaala Chana burgers tasted excellent. Hubby loved them when stuffed between two slices of whole grain bread and grilled on my newly acquired grill pan with a dab of Olivio. This bunch, made with black eyed peas, looked similar but tasted totally different. The process is simple. Soak the beans, pressure cook/ cook, drain, mash. Then add any spices and flavours you fancy, shape them into good sized hunks, bake or grill them and you are good to go.

There are many ways to use them too-
  • Make a simple salad with pickled onions, tomato, carrots. Scoop it on a slice of bread, place the burger, drizzle your favourite sauces, cover with another slice and dinner is ready.
  • You can even deep fry smaller sized balls to make yummy finger food.
  • You can do a bean salad with these, by cutting the burgers into strips and tossing them with chopped peppers, onions, tomato and a light dressing of lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Black eyed peas burgers
Category: Dinner, Snack, Vegetarian burgers, TV Dinners
Prep time: Soaking time for peas - 6 hrs or overnight
Cooking time: 1 hr
Makes 12 medium sized burgers

1.5 cups of black eyed peas - soaked overnight
3-4 tbsp of coriander leaves - chopped
1-2 tsp of cayenne pepper powder (as per your taste)
1-2 tsp of salt
1 tsp of cumin powder
5 cloves garlic finely chopped
1-2 tbsp of roasted sesame seeds
oil to brush on the burgers

for assembly
slices of bran or whole wheat bread / burger buns
a cup of onion slices pickled in vinegar and salt
a cup of sliced tomatoes
a cup of grated carrots / cabbage
coriander chutney (optional)
sauces of your choice - I used the Mexican chilli sauce (Medium hot salsa picanta) and the green Salsa Habanera (made from the hottest chillies in the world)


Pressure cook the soaked peas in 4 cups of water for 2 whistles. Keep at sim for 5 min. Switch off cooker. Cool and drain well.
Cook them in boiling water for 35-40 minutes until soft but not fully mashed.

Preheat the oven at 200 C or heat your grill pan.

Place the drained peas with the other ingredients for the burgers except oil in a bowl. Mash gently with a fork mixing all ingredients well. Taste for salt and spice.

Shape into burgers 2" in diameter. Place on a greased baking sheet. Brush the tops with oil and bake for 15 minutes. You could grill them on a stove top pan or a grill, as per your convenience.

Assemble each burger between two slices of bread and the salad with a choice of sauces. Enjoy warm with a cold drink of your choice. If you use the hot sauces I did, then trust me, you'll need it.

Serve it on a tray - and hey don't forget the remote. With ShahRukh Khan hosting Kaun Banega Crorepati (Indian version of Who wants to be millionaire?) TV dinners are here again.

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Inji Pennu said...

Bean Burger? Hehehe..Got the clue from the picture :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nandita

Is that Soya by any chance?


riitu said...

at the risk of taking the title literally - good = gud / gur or jaggery ?

sweet burgers ???

ewp !!!


Spicelover said...

Some kind od dal? Chana dal maybe? Kinda looks like the masala vada before being fried.

FuFa said...

I am reading through the blog and realising the magic of veg dishes.
When do I get to taste all these scrumptious burgers?
You taken some amazing shots too

Krithika said...

I have tried this with brown masoor dal. Comes out good.
Blacked eyed pea is great idea. Have you tried pressure cooking without soaking ? I like the texture if it is not soaked.
I bet the burger tastes even better if you are watching KBC :-)

Pavani said...

Those burgers look awesome Nandita. I love anything with beans. These are easy and nutritious too. Will try them soon.

jacob said...

wow, that's cool. looks good, and healthy to boot. difficult combo.:)

Anita said...

Those are great looking burgers...And soul sis, I too made veg burgers last week: potato, carrots, cabbage, cracked wheat!, peas, with some grated beets stuffed in the patty...on 'First Class' Harvest burger buns!

I havta try your recipe this week..always wanted a good recipe for lentil burgers. So, thanks.

mandira said...

The burgers look fabulous Nandita. Will make a hearty lunch. Will try soon. The new template looks nice.

Pamela said...

Mmmm sounds greatè

Sushma said...

Wow nutritious burger ..Nice recipe Nandita

Meeta said...

These sound great Nandita! A great alternative to using meat.

Shilpa said...

Hey great idea! This must definitely be firmer than a soy burger and I suppose those beans absorb flavours well!

On the topic of KCB, when I went to S'pore last year, I bought a phonecard that had Big B on it, advertising KCB. I still keep it although it has no more credit! :)

lalitha said...

Have to try this recipe. Thats nice that you get so many indian cooking shows.I wish we would get some.

Lakshmik said...

Thanks for the recipe. I might use it for the superbowl party.

ServesYouRight said...

Greetings from Rochester! That is some fabulous food news plus loved the burger pics! Here its back to good ole' Wegmans :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you been waiting for this for a long time. The pictures keep me drooling.

Malini said...

I hope we see more cooking than cleavage in Nigella's show.

Nandita said...

You said it Malini!!

Nidhi said...

Thats a great idea of making burger with Black Eyed Peas. Have to try it. BTW nice picture. :)

mommyof2 said...

hey I do that too:-) Hubby is not into maslas so he doesn't eat much indian food I make but any paloda,vada or anything that can go inbetween breads he is good;-)

I need some good veg recipes.. Glad I found ur blog:-)

Sreelu said...

wow one delicious and healthy looking burger. I remember eating aloo tikki burger in McDonalds in India and was so excited. This will be tried during our up coming camping. will let you know how it goes

Sreelu said...


I would like to make these at our camping trip this saturday, quick question can I make these patties say wednesday and freeze, will channa burger freeze well.

Let me know I am very exited to grill desi burgers at the camp gound.

Nandita said...

I haven't frozen them myself, but I don't see a reason why you can't do it!
You can actually make them, place them on a baking sheet, and place in freezer until individual burgers are frozen and then put them all into a ziploc bag.
DO let me know how it turned out. I may just freeze some myself for a quick weekday meal...and do have loads of fun in the camp!

Sreelu said...


Hey the burgers came out great,made them the day early froze in ice box and grilled them to perfection the next.

Thanks a ton for the recipe I had a blast doing these.

Blogged all about it at


vegfab said...

I made black eyed pea burgers the other day and they were awesome. My variation includes tempeh! What I thought was interesting is that you didn't use a binding agent...Perhaps my recipe doesn't require tomato paste? Help me out, my recipe is at VeganFabulous