WHB # 59 Round Up

Thanks to Kalyn for letting me host the 59th edition of WHB, the herb and veggie tsunami that's taking over the food blogging world. Entries kept POURING in and it took me till now to just compile it all. And please forgive me if I've forgotten to include any of your entries.

Asparagus by Neil, At my table from Melbourne
Neil talks about the beauty of asparagus and his 'asparagus'sy conversations with this Italian hairdresser 25 years ago.

Basil and white beans by Katerina of Daily Unadventures in cooking
Katerina makes an exotic hummus with basil, white beans and goat cheese. Simple enough to make at home, this thing will probably cost you a bomb at your deli.

Berries from Cookin' with Cyndi, California
Cyndi uses up the mixed berries lying in her freezer in a Mixed Berry Cobbler made with healthful ingredients.

Butternut Squash by Virginie of Absolute Green from Nantes, France
Virginie turns out an inspired-by-Kalyn version. Butternut Squash and Tofu marinated with Rosemary and Basalmic Vinegar sounds like a beautiful idea for a winter salad.

Capers from Kalyn's Kitchen
Kalyn sends us a Chicken with Roasted Lemons, Green Olives, and Capers in advance for thanksgiving. Capers are the Mediterranean favourite unopened buds and are also used in Greece to make a medicinal tea!

Cauliflower by Jayshree of Spice and curry
Jayshree writes fondly about Cauliflower linking to a lot of facts and nutrition data. Her post - Aloo phulkupi torkari takes us down memory lane in her native city Kolkota and old Hindi movie songs.

Celery from Anna's cool finds, CA
She writes about the goodness of Celery and makes this unique Celery couscous which she served with Wild Alaskan Salmon.

Cherries by Haalo, Cook almost anything atleast once, Melbourne
Haalo finds them growing in abundance at this time of the year. Her delightful Cherry chocolate sponge cake with the anti-oxidant rich berries are sure to set you drooling.

Chestnuts by David of Serendipitous Chef
David has some real interesting things to say about chestnuts that are so in season at this time of the year in Socal, US. Pasta with Kobacha and Sage Sauce and Caramelized Chestnuts uses chestnuts in exactly that form. Caramelized.

Coriander by Emma from Kitchem - Sydney
Emma talks about her love for Indian food and her post Madhur Jaffrey's fish in green sauce features a truly Indian herb coriander.

Coriander by Scott, Real Epicurean
Scott wins me over by actually making naan in his kitchen. This Indian bread flavoured with coriander is the perfect way to mop up Indian curries.

Galangal by Anna from Moresels and Musings, Sydney
Anna has cooked up Sambal Goreng Telor or (Indonesian Egg Sambal). This Sambal is flavoured with Galangal which is the hero of her post.

Garlic and parsley by Anh of Food Lover's Journey, Melbourne
Anh bakes these savoury muffins with carrots and parsley. Served warm with a pat of garlic flavoured butter, these are a super breakfast idea. Read her post for a wonderful project to do with your kid.

Ginger by Peggy, What's cooking in Carolina?
This interesting post is about how simple it is to grow ginger in your backyard and what you can do with it. Right from ginger icecream to ginger flavoured yogurt to stir fry sauces, you have all the ideas here .

Green Jackfruit by Sandeepa, Bong mom's cookbook, NJ
Sandeepa prepares a green jackfruit curry in her own style unlike the traditional Bengali way which is made vegetarian. Shrimp and raw jackfruit make an interesting appearance in Enchor-er Dalna ba Enchor Chingri.

Honeycrunch apples by Rianna, Garlic breath
Rianna talks about her favourite crunchy apples, also called honeycrisp apples in the US. They are a cross between Golden delicious and Macintosh, she says.

Herbs de provence by Kate, Thyme for cooking
Kate talks about how dried herbs and spices are sold in supermarkets in France. Warm Chevre Toasts on a Bed of Prosciutto flavoured with herbs de provence is her offering for WHB.

Potatoes by Glenna, A fridge full of food
Glenna's made Cook's Illustrated Scalloped Potatoes with Thyme and Bay. Read her post to find out why she call's them the best scalloped potatoes ever!

Pineapple by Ed, Tomato
Ed features Pineapple for the WHB in Grilled octopus with pineapple mint & sweet chilli. He says - The problem is you can keep all of the pineapple out of mains some of the time. And you can keep some of the pineapple out all the time. But you can’t keep all of the pineapple out all of the time. Go figure.

Pumpkin by Chrispy of Experimentation of taste, US
While she was terribly busy preparing for a trip, Chrispy has been sweet to send us her Pumpkin Chocolate chip squares.

Pumpkin and rosemary by Ulrike of K├╝chenlatein from Germany
Ulrike creates an unusual dish by adding pumpkin and rosemary to pasta. Perfect flavours for a nice winter supper.

Rosemary by Sherry of What did you eat?
This one is a wonderful write up in autobiography style. Autobiography of a Staub La Cocotte in fact. Her chicken is beautifully flavoured with rosemary, thyme and parsley and served with roasted root vegetables.

Saffron by Ilva, Lucillian delights, Italy
The lady who takes luscious pictures makes an exotic pasta with cauliflower and snap beans, flavoured with powdered saffron. The pictures of Pasta con cavolfiore, fagiolini e zafferano are absolutely mouth-watering I must say.

Sage by Christa, Calendula and concrete, Washington
Christa's post features the sage grown in her garden which they use to soak a practice session turkey. Read 'Brine a turkey with sage' to find out the details.

Wasabi by Andreea, Glorious Food and Wine
Andreea's candidate for the WHB is Wasabi. Her love for the root is quite evident in her write up. According to me, Wasabi is strong enough to make you recollect events from your past life. It REALLY shakes you up!

Winter Melon by Nalini, Culinary Chemistry
Nalini makes a Puzhinikkai Kootu (Winter melon stew) with a traditional Indian vegetable that she is glad to find in the stores in the US. Served with some rice, this one is great for a quick weeknight dinner.

Yam by Pooja of My Creative Ideas, Pune, India
Pooja's made a colourful yam and tomato salad with this very Indian root vegetable.

Bunch of them.....

Anita from Mad tea party, India makes this extra special breakfast with eggs, mushrooms, bell peppers, spring onions, tomatoes and lots more herbs and spices. This eggs with vegetable medley is her entry to WHB.

Rooma from My khazana of recipes, Singapore has made a Sweet corn soup keeping in mind the bloggers from colder climes. The post also tells you what you stand to gain by eating vegetables like corn, carrots and cabbage.

Genie, the inadvertant gardener, gets 'happily accidental' by making a spontaneous frittata for WHB this time. With ingredients like fresh veggies, cheese, bacon and couscous, you ought to love it.

The chocolate lady from Inmolaraan invites us to a guessing game. Go over here and guess away!

This Fusilli with three peppers and spinach is my contribution to WHB.



Ulrike aka ostwestwind said...

Just a question:
What has "Brine a turkey with sage" to do with my dish Pumpkin & Rosemary Pasta?

Ulrike from K├╝chenlatein

surfindaave said...

Wow! Quite a list! Nice job - it will be fun to read all this!

Anonymous said...

nice round-up Nandita, i can find so many recipes there.

Kalyn said...

Very nice job. This is the most entries for a while, so thanks for all your work on it. I love the idea of doing them in alphabetical order.

sher said...

Great job!! Thanks for hosting.

ilva said...

Thanks Nandita for a great roundup and your kind words! Now I will have food for my eyes that will last for days...

rooma said...

Hey.... great round up nandita!!!! Phew!!!!! I am tried reading them all.... hehe

Nandita said...

Ulrike- terribly sorry. Blogger literally gave me hell for this round up, thrice entries vanished, interchanged, randomly mixed up....took me more than 4 hours to get it in order. Your entry was one last thing I'd overlooked...have corrected it now. Hope it's in order now!

Katie said...

Great Job! I sympathize with balky computers and big projects...I usually loose my internet connection at crucial moments....
If you get a chance "Herbes de Provence" is not about apples....
Now, I shall enjoy my coffee and a happy morning reading the rest...

WhItE_PoPlAr said...


Thanks for all the hard work! The round-up is great!

This is my entry for this week WHB which you missed out on: Carrot Muffins with Garlic Butter:


I sent it early last week - around Wed. Perhaps the mail got mixed up.


Kalyn said...

Nandita, I'm leaving a note on my WHB for this week for people to come back and check this if they missed it. Our hats are off to you because I think other than the one year anniversary this is the biggest WHB recap ever, and if Blogger was misbehaving it must have been a terrible amount of work. Thanks again and I'm sure everyone else appreciates all your efforts, not just the original posting but making corrections. I love your idea of putting WHB as the e-mail subject and will add it to the *rules* post.

Ulrike said...

Thank you!
It was really hard to do the round-up under such conditions. Now it is perfect!

Thank you for hosting!


Anonymous said...

Happy thanks giving :)

Anonymous said...

Happy thanks giving :)

christine said...

Hi Nandita,
Great job on the round up especially with all the trouble you had doing it. My entry didn't appear unfortunately, so I'm going to send along to Haalo this week. Thanks for hosting this, you're a brave person!

Anonymous said...

You must have missed my entry, I sent you a mail on Sunday around afternoon my time. Was I late ?

This is my post:


Thanks for all the hard work inspite of your deadlines

Anonymous said...

Hey nandita,
Thanks a lot for including my entry
You are a really great person to go ahead and do this inspite of Blogger problems and your other deadlines.
I am so afraid to host such a thing because of time crunch :)
Bye & Thanks again

Pooja said...

hi nandita,
nice round up for whb.
Happy thanks giving

Jaya said...

dear Nandita,
I really appreciate your efforts in sorting ,then publishing ,then editing and again republishing Phew !!The round-up , AS Kalyn said its the biggest WHB recap after the WHB anniversary recap , many Kudos to you ...great job done here ..
Hugs and smiles

Ruth said...

What an awesome - REALLY! roundup. It will take me weeks just to read them all.

Great job!

the chocolate lady said...

Congratulations, Nandita,

You are the winner of my photo guessing game. Folks, Nandita won fair and square and not because she is the whb host!

coffeepot said...

Oh wow so much to read and it must have been really hard to put together.

Great job!

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