FMR event

I was supposed to be the guest host for this month's FMR. Due to lack of time and overload of committments, Meenakshi, the original hostess of FMR has decided to give it a break since the last month. But she has left it to the designated hosts to decide if they want to do the hosting or no. Any further questions on this matter can be kindly directed to Meena at Hooked on Heat.

Just wanted to keep you guys posted about this one!

Here are the details for WBB # 7.

Also I shall be hosting Weekend Herb Blogging the next weekend, ie. Nov 19th. Shall remind you folks about the same later. This week, it's at Meeta's. Submissions must reach her by 12th November.

Cheers then,

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Raj said...

Thank you for sharing. This blog gets among my fav.

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