14 November 2006

Egg Curry in Give thanks

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Simmering in the wokBlogging is becoming increasingly difficult while keep track of half a dozen deadlines. However, this time it's another deadline here, Meeta's Give Thanks! I have been unable to participate in several of her events due to one reason or the other. This time I can't pass up.

The first time I made egg curry, DH absolutely loved it. He licked his fingers clean, as well as the bowl. I wonder why I don't make it more often. This Sunday he was leaving for London for two weeks and I wanted to go for a potluck party. Going alone to meet new people doesn't seem a very exciting thing to do, but DH asked me to catch up with some new foodies in the locality. I had to make something quick and easy, as well as well liked by most. Egg curry is what came to my mind, can be eaten by most vegetarians and meat eaters too. This one was made for 10 - 12 people, you can make half the quantity easily.


8 hard boiled eggs, cut in half

3 medium onions - sliced
2 medium tomatoes -sliced
1 cup sliced coconut pieces or use frozen grated coconut


7-8 dried Kashmiri red chillies (more colour, less spice)
Few pepper corns
1 long stick cinnamon
3-4 cloves
2 green cardamoms
5-6 fat cloves of garlic
1/2 " piece ginger - sliced thin
2 bay leaves
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 star anise (optional)
Salt to taste

100 ml coconut milk
Fresh basil for garnish (You can substitute with coriander)

4 tbsp oil / ghee

Egg curry garnished with basil


1. Heat 2 tbsp ghee in a large wok. Once the ghee is warm, keep the flame on low and saute all the spices. After 30 seconds, add the sliced onions, tomatoes and coconut. Sprinkle some salt. Saute on a low flame for 8-10 minutes, until onions and tomatoes are well cooked. Remove it onto a plate and cool thoroughly.

2. In a blender / mixer, take the cooled ingredients and grind to an extremely fine paste, adding upto one cup of water.

3. Take the remaining 2 tbsp of ghee in the wok, add the ground paste, remaining salt, halved eggs and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Stir in the coconut milk.

4. Tear fresh basil leaves and garnish the curry. Serve hot with steamed rice.

*Vegans / Vegetarians can easy substitute the eggs with soya chunks, available in most Indian grocery stores.

This curry is not for the faint hearted. It is a burst of spices, it is truly Indian at its heart. If you are using Kashmiri chillies, even 6-8 chillies can be added safely without making your guests sweat from every pore. Check for the heat in your chillies and decide accordingly.

This is dedicated to my husband, who whole heartedly encourages everything I do, who doesn't question the weird combinations I present to him, who doesn't hesitate to eat everything I make, who doesn't forget to compliment me on my every single creation in our warm kitchen. S, this one is for you!

I also give my thanks to Meeta for being a wonderful friend in the past few months that I know her. To know her is to love her. I'm glad she likes egg curry too!

This one goes to Monthly Mingle - Give thanks at What's for lunch honey.

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Anonymous said...

The egg curry looks delicious! Good tip about Kashmiri chillies too.

Anita said...

Hey N. True, experimental cooks must always thank the ones who are willing to play along. Where would be without the encouraging words!

Like the egg curry too. I'm going to try this variation with the coconut milk next time; am sure it must quite transform this dish.

Neo said...

Nandita, I was going to ask for the reciepe after i read the complete pot luck story on Sigfood.


Meeta said...

THANK YOU gorgeous!! I love egg curry as I have already told you and this one means a lot!

Malini said...

WOW! I am so J of those sigfoodies who got to taste it.

Puspha said...


Jaya said...

my fav egg Curry ,we love it with warm cooked rice also.Happy thanks giving.

Anonymous said...

great nandita... both me & D, my husband are egg curry fans, but never tried coconut milk in egg curry before
always learning...
I so wanted to participate in your WHB but not sure if I will get time.

Pooja said...

would you please elaborate which kind of recipe one should send for the herb blogging you are hosting on 20th nov.(Kalyn's Weekend Herb blogging ) ? I have no idea about it, is there anything specific? or recipe should be made with any herb?

Anonymous said...

I made your egg curry! Turned out awesome. Have a look at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nandita! Tried your egg curry last night and it was so delicious! Will post the picture when I do a cooking from the blogs post. Thanks for sharing this recipe! :)

Nandita said...

Thanks a lot for trying and keeping me posted...cya around

Vani said...

Hey, I finally posted my 'cooking from the blog" post. Check out your egg curry! Thanks again, Nandita. Everybody loved it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nandita, got here through Vani. Your recipe is indeed very nice. Will keep coming for more.

Happy Holidays!

Cheers, Nidhi.

Anonymous said...

i have tried atleast 5 versions of egg curry. yours is the best. this recipe is a keeper. thanks.


sangeetha said...

hi nandita

the first recipe tried out from your blog and its awesome and fingerlicking good. what a burst of flavors. thq so very much for posting.

luv and hugs

NEHA said...

Its definetly an awesome and delicious recipe...i made it yesterday night and my husband just loved it!! i substitued the boiled eggs with boiled and shallow fried eggs...just cut them in halves and shallow fry till they are pale golden! trust me..it tastes heavenly. i also added haldi...dont know why is it not mentioned in the recipe...and some coriander powder...

123 123 said...

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Harshitha said...

Tried the egg curry tonight. It was amazing and finger licking :-)

Thanks for all the amazing recipes. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

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