22 September 2006

I'm off for the weekend & things you can look forward to

Am off to a beach for the weekend...Here are some pics of the place- (Courtesy: Google images). I'm sure the people from in and around Maharashtra will be able to take a guess! Wanna try?

Shall be back on Monday with some BEAUTIFUL pics of the seaside.

Meanwhile shall leave you with some recipes I've been collecting. It's a Chettinad recipe collection.

No, I'm not from Chettinad. But just one brush with that food left me longing for more. Sadly, there are no Chettinad joints in Bombay. So, the only way I can satisfy my yearning is to make it at home, with the aid of some authentic recipes from arusuvai.com. You can do that too if you could read Tamil.

I've been translating some of the vegetarian recipes and uploading on this blog- Chettinad Recipes. No frills there, just a translation of the recipe in Tamil into English. Yes ladies, I can read and write Tamil too :) Please feel free to peep in and try your own variations of those recipes. The chilli content in most of them is on the higher side, which you may need to tone down.

I tried making the Paruppu Tomato Pacchidi (a kind of tomato dal) today and the results were very good. You'll find the recipe on the other blog, but then I've a little modification, which I shall duly post.

Dinner was the Chettinad style Tur Dal with tomatoes and Dahi Bhindi from Tarla Dalal's Cooking with1 tsp oil. The bhindi turned out yummy without much of slaving. Shall post that too when I'm back.

Meanwhile, a big credit is due.

Saakshi, this one's for you!

This is to Saakshi of Healthy Home Cooking who's recipe for Bisi Bele Huli Anna was so accurate and authentic that everyone including my mom, dad and aunt were licking their fingers. I personally felt it was the best rice recipe I've ever made. All thanks to Saakshi for sharing this wonderful recipe. I had to make a few modifications like pressure cooking the rice and lentils and using lesser quantity of coriander seeds, but that was about it. Guys, if you have the remotest liking for South Indian food, this one is a must try.
I shall be posting the round up of WBB # 5 once I'm back, with the announcement of the theme and rules for WBB # 6. So, stay tuned !


Priya S&S said...

Have never tried chettinad style dal yet.. i love to try out different varieties of dals, so have to try this one.

And hey thanx for the link to your chettinad recipes blog. Arusuvai has got a very good collection of Tamil Nadu recipes. but i can just about manage to read the ingredients in tamil.. the "seymurai" part is little difficult for me to read.

Diane said...

Thanks for the Chettinad recipes - I will be sure to try them out. I've been totally fascinated by Chettinad cooking lately (and I'm from the US and not even Indian!). The ingredients seem so simple, and yet the flavors are so captivating.

May try the veg dhansak too. I seem to remember dhansak being quite labor-intensive last time I made it, but may gear bmyself up to try again soon.

paz said...

Have a fun weekend!


Vaishali said...

I must go check out your Chettinad blog now. Thanks for taking the trouble of translating recipes from Tamil to English for us. :)
Btw, is it 'Murud Janjira' that have gone to for the weekend? I hope you go the vegetable market there. It is quite interesting. Or at least was three years back.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous that you get to go on another vacation...I'm due for one in such a long time.
Anyway, I saw your comment on Asha's blog Foodie's Hope about maahaalikizhangu. It is actually a root not a shoot. Found some info:
"Decalepis hamiltonii Mahalikizhangu Climbing shrub
in Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu usually present along
slopes (400 B 1100 m). Aromatic sarsaparilla like tested
roots is used as spice and condiment. Roots are fleshy
and pickled with lime or as such (Arora and Pandey,

Foodie's Hope said...

Have a nice trip!! BBB looks good , will try sometime!!:))

Priya said...

Hey Nandita, wonderful of you to get all those Chettinad recipe's for us. I have been on the look out for them lately...have hrd soo much abt their richness in flavors, that I wanted to try one myself.
Have a great vacation !! Yet Again :((

Virginie said...

Have a nice weekend ! I'm waiting for the photos.

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Nanditha,
I am going to try ur bisi bela huli anna today. And just checked ur chettinadu recipes.. good ones. i love chettinadu foods and in chennai chettinadu hotels are becomeing very popular and iam making a list of the ones i should visit when i go to India next month.

Mahek said...

thanks for the chettinad farei am a chettinad fan . when i was in kerala on a tour i had tasted chettinad chicken and it was yummy and since then i have been waiting for the recipe.
i got one on the nita mehta chicken book which was good too but that was different.
are you at alibaug?

Virginie said...

Hi Nandita,
I've just sent you a meme : 5 foods before to die.

Anonymous said...

wow, chettinaad recipes are all all time fav. nice recipe.and looks like u are having fun. enjoy..

saakshi said...

Hi Nandita,
Thankyou so much for the appreciation. I am glad that the recipe was easy to follow and it turned out well. Infact the first time I made it just by looking at the recipe I couldn't do it. Then when my mom-in-law visited us here in the US, I saw how she makes it and wrote it down as I understood. So guess I did a pretty good job. Thanks once again.