1 August 2006

Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 2 - Round up-Part II

...Contd from Round-up Part I . I'll take a raincheck for my own entry, due to some technical problems, I'm unable to transfer my pics to the laptop. The problem with formatting continues ( a long scroll to reach the table) and I haven't got any suggestions yet :( Until then, scroll on...

Surya from Healthy and Spicy sent in a healthy yet tasty breakfast that's oozing with culture and tradition. This is one of Kerala's traditional recipes, called Ada. She has prepared two variations, but from where I see, it seems like an extremely versatile recipe which can be made sweet or savoury with a variety of stuffings.
Vaishali of Happy Burp-calls this a healthy, environment friendly chutney that will go with most breakfast items like Idlis or Dosas. Environment friendly, because she actually uses ridge-gourd peel in this one. Red peppers, onions, red chillies, tamarind, peanuts and of course the peel- you have a combination of a variety of textures and flavours there.
Sumi says this is her idea of a good filling brunch. Most people are familiar with Idlis but Vada Curry is something not many have heard of. Lentils are soaked, ground, steamed and then cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices to make this hearty idli accompaniment.

Pavani from New Jersey, talks about her love of eggs. Omlette and toast is indeed almost a universal favourite and she sends in her Indianised version Frittata stuffed with onions, tomatoes, potatoes and peas.

Paz takes us on a trip to Africa through her post about a typical African porridge called Rice Water. It seems to be to be an African version of our Rice Kanji. The cultural similarities between countries at such distances from each other, never ceases to amaze me.
While we are in Africa, I'd like to introduce you to Carolyn who blogs from South Africa. Her blog Field to feast is totally Africa inspired writing, cooking and eating.She talks about the Baobab tree and what she did with the Baobab fruit her basket-weaving friend brought her. It's called Mawuyu.
Vineela goes the whole nine yards as she makes an elaborate menu all from the scratch. Idlis, Vadai curry and Bell pepper chutney. Her Vadai curry recipe is different from Sumi's. Check out how! Looks like bell pepper chutney is the flavour of the season.

Anna from Morsels and Musings, Australia sends in the baked beans and eggs that get set in the oven, while you catch up on sweet nothings. She also makes a light fruity dessert of pears poached in passion fruit juice that perfectly complements the beans. Conversations over glasses of Moscato d’Asti- a ‘gorgeous wine with a light spritz, subtle sweet flavour and wonderful floral fragrance’-can you ask for a better weekend morning with your partner?

Priya Jadhav goes the Idli way too, but this one from Kanchipuram. Kanchipuram is this culture soaked town in South of India famous for its temples, grand gold bordered silk sarees and ofcourse the Kanchipuram Idli. When regular idlis become a bore in South Indian households, these variations provide the much needed respite. And then there is yet another Bell Pepper chutney.

Rachel from Tham Jiak, Malaysia writes about what breakfast means to her and her childhood trials with a half boiled egg. For WBB #2, she sends a breakfast cake made with Ginger and Molasses. You must read her very interesting thoughts on ‘Breakfast like old times’ where you’ll know how Malaysians have this beverage called ‘cham’ which is a unusual blend of tea and coffee.

Shammi sends us a steaming hot plate of a family of Idlis with a difference, These are Semiya-Rava idlis made from the scratch. Serve them with steaming hot with traditional coconut chutney and you will see contented smiles around you. And yes, those baby idlis sure will make your kids happy too.

The chocolate lady from Greenwich Village, NYC, presents two Clafoutis, both made with Apricots, but one made even more decadent with bittersweet chocolate. This recipe is good enough a reason for me to call a brunch party for friends at home the coming weekend. This will be a super-hit! Come on gals- what are you waiting for?

Mahek from Love for cooking, talks about her son's love for dosas. She has prepared a variety of dosas and sends in the very appetising Green Moong Dosa for the weekend breakfast event.

How about a little dessert to end the WBB #2 on a sweet note? Meeta puts together a bunch of berries, vanilla flavoured yogurt and crushed cantuccini cookies in her simple yet elegant style to make a Very berry dessert.

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Anna said...

great work hosting us all. it's a big job so thanks for being the one to do it!

Nandita said...

Thanks Anna, while it WAS a lot of work, it was fun too :)

Shaheen said...

great work, nandita.it s a beauty to see such varied entries. Gives a lot of options for b'fast, doesn't it? Thanks for the hard work.

Meeta said...

Nandita, the round up looks great and your effort is well noted. As to the formatting I have left fabcy formatting for my own events because of the trouble one always has. And it gets more complicated depending on the browser you are viewing/working with. But your effort in this is well noted.

Carolyn said...

Thanks, Nandita, for your roundup - I really enjoyed seeing what others contributed. And now I know what to do with those moong beans laying idle in my pantry! I'm looking forward to checking your blog regularly. It has always been my dream to eat my way through India, and now I can do this vicariously through you!

Sumitha said...

It would have been a tough job to compile all entries for sure!Thanks for taking trouble to showcase all entries Nandita!Nandita are you able to view other blogs from India apart from yours coz my sister says she cant view any blogs from Bangalore.

Garrett said...

OMG it all looks soooooo tasty!

Paz said...

Another great lineup, Nandita. Thanks so much for all your efforts. All the breakfasts look wonderful. Makes me want to try them all. ;-)

I'm sorry you're having problems with the formatting. I don't really have an idea of how to resolve it. Perhaps it's the browser you're using? What are you using -- Internet Explorer or Firefox? I'm just guessing. I hope the problem resolves itself as mysteriously as it appeared.


Malini said...

Wow love the berry dessert. I think I will replace the cookies with museli, so that I will not feel so guilty!

surya said...

Great hosting Nandita.I know that it is a tough job to line up the entries but you managed it very well.good work!!

Nandita said...

Thanks all of you, Malini and Garrett-welcome to my blog!
Carolyn, You are very generous and I'm already in love with your writing!
Paz, I saw in both IE and firefox, same problem!

Anupama said...

Great Round-up Nandita, Gave me loads of new idea for breakfast. So when are you announcing th next event?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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