Weekend Breakast Blogging- A Fortnightly event on Saffrontrail

I'm sure most of us prefer to have a no-fuss breakfast on most weekdays. Hopefully all of us are at least eating some breakfast- as it's the most important meal of the day-blah blah blah! I guess, everybody already know this and hence there's no need for me to be preaching about the benefits of this good dietary habit.

Weekday breakfasts are generally cereal and milk, steel cut oats with milk and a banana, sliced papaya and a few nuts and so on... Weekends are the only days when one has the leisure to prepare elaborate / traditional breakfasts and the time to enjoy it with one's favourite tea / coffee and the morning tabloids.

I have been trying to write regularly about my weekend breakfasts- except that for the last 3-4 weekends, I haven't kept up the routine due to a variety of reasons. Meeta of What's for lunch honey and Tony, our very own bachelor chef of curry mela fame, have encouraged me to start this as a fortnightly event-where all our fellow bloggers can tell us what they have been cooking over their weekend mornings.

The first time over, ie. now- I am keeping an open event-which means, no themes. Since this is my first trial at hosting- I shall take a go at it in its simplest form and then see how I can keep improvising.

All food bloggers are invited to participate in the Weekend Breakfast Blogging. I shall be posting round-ups on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month-so you can send me a link and photograph of your breakfast blog entry anytime inbetween on the mail id: saffrontrail AT gmail DOT com and I shall include it in the next update. Please link your post to this blog with the line "Weekend breakfast blogging".

So that's simple, not too many conditions.

So friends, I shall be expecting your first set of entries by 10th July or so so that I can post the first WBB round up by the 15th of July.
Hope to see you all with your family's favourite breakfast item on the table. Cheers!