Comfort Khichdi

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Not so mushy Comfort Khichdi
Simple, wholesome, light, fast, easy, comfort, meal-in-a-pot- I was toying with all the above adjectives while thinking of a name for this dish and each one was as fitting as the other.
You can resort to a Khichdi when...

~you have to cook something just for yourself

~you have come home late after a shopping spree and have no interest in searching through take-away menus

~ you're feeling low in spirits

~you're recovering from an illness

~you're feeling homesick

~your maid is on leave/ or the dishwasher has conked off

Khichdi is a simple gruel of a lentil and rice which can be made bland / spicy, with/ without vegetables. It's very versatile and can be made in a matter of 10 minutes if you have a pressure cooker and in 20 if you don't. It's also very forgiving-because you don't need each grain of rice to be separate as in a pulao. You just throw in the ingredients and it take care of itself.

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Rice and Split moong after washing

I'm sure everyone has their own recipe of Khichdi reserved for the times mentioned above. Mine goes like this-

Serves 2


1/2 cup rice

1/3 cup split green moong (shown in pic)

1 medium onion-sliced

Handful of frozen green peas (optional)

Pinch of turmeric powder

Salt to taste

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp curry powder (optional )

2 tsp ghee (clarified butter)


1.Take a big bowl. Dump the lentil and rice into it. Wash it three to four times with water. Soak the rice-moong mix in lots of clean water for around 20 minutes. You can actually skip the soaking process if you are in a hurry / or if you are going ot pressure cook.

2.In the cooker, take a tsp of ghee. Add the cumin seeds and let them crackle. Put in the sliced onions and turmeric powder to the ghee. Saute until translucent.

3.Add the rice and lentils, saute for a few seconds. Put in the required amount of salt, curry powder, frozen peas (if using) and water. Water must be double the quantity of the rice-lentil mix. In this case, roughly two cups. Let it come to a boil. Close the lid of the cooker, with the weight. Get the flame to SIM after 3 whistles. Switch of the flame in 3-4 minutes.

4.Open the cooker lid after it has cooled off outside. Serve the khichdi onto a plate and run a little ghee around it for that absolutely home-cooked aroma.

Eat it piping hot, with your favourite pickles and a bowlful of curd.

You cant get more comfortable than that!!


For those of you who don't have a pressure cooker, proceed with step 2 using well-soaked rice and moong, in a non-stick vessel / saucepan. Add the water as in Step 3 and let simmer for 15-20 minutes, adding more water if necessary to make the mixture soft and mushy. In case of Khichdi, the mushier the better. So, you are better off adding more water as against less. My khichdi as shown in pic isn't as soft as I would have liked it to be.


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Since this has split moong (lentils) as one of the main ingredients, I would also like to link this recipe for Jihva for Dal hosted by Sailu.


Neelu said...

Yes Nandita, u r very right about each ones pet recipe. My method is different from yours, will post mine when i get time. Personaly I love khichadi and I myself make 2-3 varieties but as V is not a rice person I dont make it that often. loved ur version too

Menu Today said...

Hi Nandita,
I liked your version of kichadhi.

Nithya said...

I made this kichdi yesterday and it came out well. But I wanted to make a vegetable dish to go with it but was not sure what to make. Any suggestions?


Hey Nandita,

The khichidi sure is a sumptuous and nutritious treat for cooks on the run, and for women seeking a quick fix for their hungry toddlers. Being a mom of a 3 and a half year old, that recipe would definitely come in handy for me. I also admire your attention to detail in illustrating how it could be cooked- with and without a pressure cooker. The rice and dal spruced with a coupla veggies like carrot, beans and cauliflower would probably add to its visual appeal!
Meenakshi at PRITYA

Jenni Malsingh said...

I definitely agree with your ideas of when it is best to eat khichdi (or khichari)- for me it is pure comfort food. You can see pictures of my khichari on my blog, if you like:

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Apercevoir said...

Excellent recipe, worked out great (was looking for one sans cooker). Thanks!

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