7 May 2006

Restaurant watch- Brio, the cafe Bistro

I've given you a brief introduction to the cafe that's started near my house, in my last post. Here are some of the pics taken by good friend, Manoj !

Taking a good look at the goodies...

We started with hummus and pita bread. The warm bread quickly mopped up the delicious hummus. There we were, asking for some more moppers.

That was my lunch- Oven roasted veggies with Focassia bread. Delicious!

We had to order something from that endless array of goodies...don't remember the name of this one, but it was bitterly chocolatey to the last bite, soft and gooey and absolutely sinful !

And this was what they gave us complimentary, the Blueberry Cheesecake. It tasted like a bite of heaven. And even heaven becomes difficult to digest, after that sinfully rich chocolate pastry. So, we just had a taste of this one and parcelled it for some lucky friends !


Vaishali said...

I hope I am one of those lucky friends! I am gonna check my doorstep for a parcel now. :)
Btw, is that chocolate pastry called "Death by Chocolate" by any chance? No, I am not kidding here. A very good bakery/confectionary in Pune serves this kind with that name.

Nandita said...

LOL! This wasnt called death by chocolate- was soemthing esle! Death by chocolate was my fav icecream flavour (Perry's) in the US- it has chocolate icecream, chocolate truffles, chcocolate mousse and chocolate chips---now if that doesn't kill, what will??

Meeta said...

Nandita, *drooling over laptop* can you parcel that chocolate cake over to me please. The whole meal looks gorgeous!! I have to visit you when I am in Bombay the next time ;-) Hope you treat me to these goodies!!

Nandita said...

Sure , would love to take you around ! BTW the laptop wasn't mine, it was my friend's-who clicked the pics! I most definitely don't carry laptop for lunches- as I've written before, when it comes to choosing between food and something else, food is always PRIORITY
So when are you in Bombay next- had you tasted the blueberry cheesecake, you would've forgotten the chocolate cake for good-
BTW i loved your 'you are tagged' idea- i tried a choco-coconut scone variation on your scone recipe, but this time din't put the whole 90 gms of butter. While the result wasn't disastrous- it definitely tasted a whole lot better and meltier with all of teh butter

Vineela said...

Sidebar with photos looks colorful.Thanks for adding me in your blog.

Manoj R Nayak said...


for a guy who doent know the names of some vegetables, this blog seems a lot of education.Can you recommend some cooking classes in and around Powai, right from the basics:-)


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