Weekend Breakfast Blogging - The List

WBB #1 - Announcement Round Up
WBB #2 - Announcement Round Up

WBB #3 - Announcement Round Up

WBB #4 - Announcement Round Up

WBB #5 - Announcement Round Up

WBB #6 Twist in the plate - Announcement Round Up

WBB #7 Baking - Announcement Round Up

WBB #8 Christmas- Announcement Round Up

WBB #9 Eggs - Announcement Round Up

WBB #10 Greens - Announcement Round Up

WBB #11 Summer Fruits - Announcement Round Up

WBB #12 Spice it up - Announcement Round Up [Blog no longer accessible]

WBB #13 Oats - Announcement Round Up

WBB #14 Ethnic twist - Announcement Round Up

WBB #15 Leftovers - Announcement Round Up

WBB # 16 Omelette - Announcement Pending

WBB #17 Cornflakes - Announcement Round Up

WBB #18 Soy - Announcement Round Up

WBB #19 Healthy eats - Announcement Round Up

WBB #20 Balanced breakfasts - Announcement Round Up

WBB #21 Microwave breakfasts- Announcement Round Up

WBB #22 May Mango Madness - Announcement Round Up

WBB #23 Express Breakfasts- Announcement Round Up

WBB #24 Summer Feast - Announcement Round up

WBB # 25 Combi Breakfast - Announcement

WBB # 26 September - Aparna, My Diverse Kitchen


Meeta said...

Yummy yummy Nandita!

I love the idea Weekend Breakfast Bloggin! Is that a private even only for you or can I join in maybe next week? Why not make it a kind of public event where other bloggers can join in? I too have just started a new event. My Monthly Mingle and as soon as I announce the theme I do hope you will take part. I'd be awfully disappointed if I did not get a kicking recipe from you ;-)

Lakshmi said...
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Virginie said...
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junoesque said...

luvwit. the coconut shell curtains.

always wondered how healthy are the packed idli mixes say ..gits ??
always agonise over the fact when i make them.

and tho i love coconut chutney, green chutney makes more sense for calorie watchers like yours truly...

my sunday breakfast in winters would be juice, cut fruit - apples, papaya followed by a stuffed omelette with cheese and mushrooms, chicken salami pieces for sonny and lots of hot buttered toast rounded off by huge mugs of bournvita-ed milk.

these days the fruit and milk stay. and the eggs are substituted with toasted brown bread piled with tomatoes, capsicum and mozzarella cheese - pizza style !

Nandita said...

Thanks Meeta- was thinking about making this a public event, as Im sure everyone loves a special breakfast on weekends- will write to you and figure out how to get it organized. You sure getting a KICKING recipe from me for your mingle :)

Lakshmi, Virginie, Thanks for your comments.

Juno- your breakfast idea does sound groovy, the readymade mixes for idlis are pretty healthy- coz its just rice and dal and may be a bit of baking soda, so no chance for adding any stupid stuff there. We get some brands of ready to pour attas like Matunga, where its already in liquid form. My mom generally gives me a stock of atta when I visit her, so the packed stuff is only for unplanned days :)

Puspha said...
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Divya Vikram said...

Hi Nandita.Has anyone signed up to host WBB after September?If not son can I host it for the month of October?Would love to host..

Mansi said...

hi Nandita,
don't know if you got my email about WBB hosting..do let me know, and check in your spam too:) just wanted to let you know that I'd be interested in hosting WBB on my blog.

Lakshmi Venkatesh said...

Dear Nandita,
I would like to host your WBB event. This is one of the 1st events I participated in. Would like to see it back, live. Please let me know ur interest.


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