12 April 2006

Versatile coriander-mint chutney

The jar of green goodness
Coriander or cilantro is one of the most fragrant herbs- that can add the freshness and zing to any recipe. I'd like to call it The Green Goddess. Mostly used in Asian dishes- it is found in abundance in Indian vegetable markets. Infact most markets have that distinct strong aroma of this herb as you pass by them.
Here in summers, corander being the delicate herb that is, doesn't stay fresh for long even when refrigerated. The best way to preserve its goodness and freshness is to grind it into a chutney and then preserve it for a week in a clean jar in the fridge.
3 cups coriander / cilantro leaves- washed clean and chopped
1/2 cup mint leaves-washed
2 hot green chillies
4 fat cloves garlic
2 tbsp dalia (pottu kadalai )
Generous pinch of turmeric powder
Half a lemon
Sea salt as per requirement
Put all the ingredients in a blender and grind to a very fine paste with a little water. Store in a clean jar in the fridge. The turmeric and lemon help in retaining the green color, else this chutney has the tendency to turn black with oxidation.

Things you can do with coriander chutney:

  • Make yummy cucumber sandwiches with chutney spread on slices of bread
  • Serve a dip with snacks like cutlets, samosas or with parathas
  • Use it as a marinade - Coat paneer pieces/ fish fillets / chicken breasts with this chutney and marinate for 30 min, before you throw them on the grill-for that uniquely Indian tandoori taste

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Tanuja said...

Hi Nandita:)

I like any kind of chutney's those r my top fav once, ur chutneys are cool and easy to prepare.

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