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Hello! Welcome to my little nook on the world wide web where I open the doors of my kitchen to you. Sitting on our virtual table, over a cup of tea (or filter coffee) I share with you my food stories, recipes, some my own, some from my family and some from friends.

I started this blog on 12 March, 2006, very hesitantly, as an online diary of the stuff I cook, just so this highly impulsive cook in me can keep a record of what went into a dish she liked, in case I was asked to make it again.

A little background about me
By qualification, I'm a medical doctor and nutritionist (which is why you will find that most of the food I write about, is good for you and me). I've been writing on nutrition, health and food for over 5 years now - for magazines, newspapers and other publications. I've recently started writing for BBC Good Food since its launch in India.

As a child, I wasn't allowed much near the cooking range, except may be as an older kid to make a cup of tea for my grandparents. I started cooking only after my medical college when we were posted for rural internship and we had to cook ourselves if we had to eat something edible. And then one thing led to the other and my passion for cooking took a lead over many other hobbies and interests. A year's stay in US in 2005, exposed me to 24 hour Food TV, global cuisines and of course, the joys of baking.

A little more personal
I'm married to a foodie, who'll happily taste everything I cook (umm...except may be some members of the gourd family) and I'm mom to a three year old son, who turned out to possess gourmet tastes ever since he started eating solids.

This blog was born in Bombay (Mumbai, India), moved to Hyderabad for a while and I currently live in Bangalore. I try and grow some vegetables and herbs in my terrace garden, many of which find a mention in my present posts. 

Over the years, Saffron Trail has got a fair share of press and mentions. Some of them are listed here.

If you want to get in touch with me, check the Contact Me page or send me a line on the email id below. And, thank you for visiting my blog.

[Updated on 13 March, 2012]

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