15 March 2006

How to make yogurt ?

Yogurt can be used to make dips, buttermilk ( Lassi / Chaas ), in gravies, side dishes like raitas, salad dressings... The list is endless. It's good to have a bowl of fresh yogurt in the refrigerator at all times!

Take 2 cups of boiled and cooled milk, or you may choose to heat up pasteurized milk until warm-hot in the microwave. Take a tsp of yogurt and mix it evenly in the warm milk and keep the mixture in an area free of air drafts. You could generally do this at night and leave the milk to sit out overnight.
Generally the transition from milk to yogurt takes about 5-6 hours, and even longer in colder climes. During cold weather, you can keep the vessel in the oven with the light on. The heat from the light hastens the procedure.


Add a small piece of green chilli slit at the center to the milk at the time of curdling to get really thick curds. Don’t know how it works, but it surely does!


Neelu said...

Hey Nandita
Can I make Curds using 1% milk ?
I tried making it by same method but using 1% milk and it dint work. I had to throw it after 3 days (it was still in liquid form). Is there any other way to make fat free yogurt using skim or 1% milk ?

Nandita said...

I guess you can make it using 1% milk, just that you need to boil it and then cool unlike how we use it as it is in tea/ coffee
After cooling to lukewarm temp, just add some curd and a piece of green chili and keep it in a draft-free place
worth trying!

Divya Shankar said...

Thanks for the vital tip :)

nadee.ekwa said...

Hi, Doesn't the chillie slit add any taste or hotness to the curd? do we have to prick the the center of curd with the chillie slit? does this size of a slit would do for a yogurt made with 1L of milk?

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